100 Tips for Growing Up – My 20 Years of Recovery

Sarasota, Florida, Nov. 21, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In commemoration of her 20-year recovery journey, award-winning documentary filmmaker and founder of Reach Out Recovery Lindsey Glass is introducing her new book, “100 Tips for Growing Up,” the roadmap that set her on course for a healthier, happier life after dependency. The book is for anyone, anywhere, to use as a resource for empowerment from whatever emotional problems hold them back. 

“100 Tips for Growing Up” walks the reader through the colossal effort that went into Glass’s recovery. Glass shares her experiences to help others follow a path to long-term recovery and life success. She compiled tips and tools from the experts who helped her grow and realize her dreams. Topics range from rebuilding relationships and approaching work-life balance to managing money and controlling emotions.  

“There was a lot I had to learn that had nothing to do with not picking up a drink or a drug,” said Glass. “I had to go back to the basics and learn how to get along with people and rebuild my self-esteem. I had to learn how to become a good worker among workers and earn a living. This book is my way of honoring all the people who have come into my life in the last 20 years and helped me with my recovery so I can help others.” 

Whether it’s alcohol, opioids, cocaine or any other substance, addiction kills thousands of Americans every year and impacts more than 120 million lives. An estimated 22 million Americans are currently in recovery for their addiction. 

Lindsey’s mom, New York Times best-selling author Leslie Glass, saw the signs of a struggling child but didn't have the tools to help her find a path to recovery. She credits her daughter with the determination to rise above the adversity she faced. 

“Lost among the headlines are stories about recovery,” said Leslie Glass. “As a society, we have difficulty talking about what it takes to recover. Lindsey tells the story of emotional and behavioral growth that changed her life, mine, and hopefully many others.”  

“100 Tips for Growing Up” is published by Reach Out Recovery, which has evolved from the number one addiction recovery website to a publishing house dedicated to providing resources for those directly impacted by addiction. The book is available for purchase at and Amazon.  

To request a copy of “100 Tips for Growing Up” for reviewing purposes or to schedule an interview with Lindsey Glass, please contact Meredith Dropkin at Grapevine Communications, (941) 351-0024,

About Lindsey Glass 

Lindsey Glass grew up in Manhattan where she attended The Riverdale Country School. She received her B.A. from Johns Hopkins University, followed by her M.A. from NYU in Communications, Management, and Technology. Glass has written screenplays, TV shows and made several documentaries. Her second documentary premiered on PBS. Glass co-founded Reach Out Recovery, which has evolved from the number one addiction recovery website to a publishing house dedicated to providing resources for more than 120 million Americans directly impacted by addiction. She has served as a recovery advocate working to reform health care and legal policy for people suffering from addiction and mental health issues.


"100 Tips for Growing Up – My 20 Years of Recovery" author, Lindsey Glass

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