Libro Credit Union Partners with EncoreFX for effortless cross-border payments

LONDON, Ontario, Dec. 03, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- EncoreFX (, a leading provider of foreign exchange, global payments, and risk management products for corporations, has partnered with Libro Credit Union ( to offer self service international payments and foreign exchange services to Libro’s Business Owners.

In today’s fast-paced world, business owners expect international transfers and payments to happen easily and quickly. Libro Business Owners have identified that the ability to transfer international funds effortlessly is crucial to their continued success. All future Owners will have a similar expectation. With this in mind, Libro is pleased to establish this partnership with EncoreFX in order to leverage the capabilities of Express, EncoreFX’s debut Fintech platform. In doing so, Libro Owners will have access to robust, online, self-serve foreign exchange and international payment solutions, which they can access via the Libro platform they are familiar with, from anywhere in the world.

“Libro is excited to partner with EncoreFX – an organization that is closely aligned from a cultural, innovative, and values perspective. Their foreign payment solutions will allow Libro to deepen its relationships with its Owners and provide the necessary tools they require in today’s business environment. A soft launch will be initially made available to select Libro business Owners,” said Martin Kihle, Vice President, Business Banking at Libro Credit Union.

“We are privileged to partner with Libro and their Owners, as they exemplify values that we also share,” said Allison Gramlow, SW Ontario-based Business Development Executive at EncoreFX. “Our company focuses on helping fellow Canadian businesses succeed on a global level. We’re especially driven to help those in highly competitive industries – such as agriculture – succeed, and this partnership with Libro will allow us to do that.”


About EncoreFX Inc.
Headquartered in Victoria, BC, EncoreFX Inc. – combined with its subsidiaries – is Canada’s largest domestic full-service foreign exchange, risk management, and international payments company. EncoreFX’s team of experienced professionals operate from local branches across Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and parts of the United States. In addition to Express, its global multiple-payments platform, EncoreFX provides businesses customized financial services such as spot foreign exchange and tailored risk management strategies using forward contracts and currency options. For more information, visit

About Libro Credit Union
Libro Credit Union is the largest credit union in southwestern Ontario, a full-service financial institution with a social purpose. Libro has 105,000 customers, called Owners, because customers own the company and take a share of the profits. More than 600 employees work in 36 locations, serving 25 communities across southwestern Ontario. Libro offers accounts, loans, financial investments, credit cards, cash management, and employer services.  Leaders at Libro are happy to be interviewed by the media. Visit


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