Appliqate Inc “OTC (APQT)” acquires stake in secure location-based File Sharing system – Docloc

Innovative blockchain technology company, Appliqate Inc, adds Docloc to their arsenal as the company continues in their pursuit of disrupting the ecosystem

New York, Dec. 04, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Appliqate Inc “OTC (APQT)” It is looking like a disruption in the making as Appliqate Inc achieves another major feat with the recent acquisition of Docloc. Docloc is a secure location-based file-sharing that has been described as “the Perfect solution for protecting all confidential documents and files.” The deal to acquire the platform was sealed and signed , making Docloc the latest addition to the Appliqate team.

DocLoc is a user-friendly platform designed to allow users to send and retrieve their documents over the web and through email. The system is coming as a solution to the problem of compromised information due to threat from unauthorized parties such as hackers. While there are several solutions offered by different developers to ensure the safety of documents and information as people send and receive documents on the internet, many of such solutions have not particularly met the needs of users. This is where DocLoc has been of great help, with its distinguishing features endearing it to millions of users across the globe.

The ease of using the system that includes allowing users to have documents waiting in storage before even registering for the site makes it an amazing tool for businesses and individual users. DocLoc has a fast and simple registration process, unlike many other online document storage solutions.

Appliqate Inc “OTC (APQT)” has acquired DocLoc as part of the company’s plan to expand their reach and ensure clients get the best possible experience. The acquisition also underlines the company’s drive for using the power of technology to help all categories of users have access to the immense features and benefits of technology and everything that it has to offer. For more information please visit

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Appliqate Inc is a publicly-traded technology development firm that provides businesses, company founders, government leaders, and investors with access to innovative blockchain business solutions with proven, real world application by utilizing innovative blockchain technology. The company offers solutions to reduce risks and increase positive outcomes for blockchain projects by opening opportunities for entrepreneurs globally.

Appliqate aspires to lead the future of payment processing for businesses by incorporating the method of blockchain payments.

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