Japan maps and navigation get AI boost with Hitachi, Mapbox partnership

Hitachi and Mapbox create partnership for Japan mapping system integrator to service logistics, travel, automotive and consumer industries.

San Francisco, California, Dec. 12, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hitachi Solutions (HISOL) and Mapbox have announced a partnership to sell Mapbox licenses into Japan, a reseller arrangement that will open new opportunities for Japan and globally-based companies to provide AI maps and navigation services into Japan’s enterprise business market.

The partnership is effective immediately, and will initially focus on customers in automotive, real estate, logistics, travel, and manufacturing. 

“Mapping is big in Japan,” said Ben Truscello, VP for APAC Business Development at Mapbox. “Together with HISOL we are servicing an enormous opportunity for Japan businesses to utilize powerful mapping and navigation solutions through our systems integration partnership. Our Japan customers are leveraging Mapbox to create new efficiencies in their enterprise software strategies and update their mapping experiences with new data. It’s a critical time in the Japan market, as other traditional mapping platforms no longer support Japan’s changing enterprise mapping and navigation needs.”

HISOL is planning to develop and launch new services and solutions through integration of Mapbox capabilities and its “GeoMation” product, a Made-in-Japan product built for mission critical systems in utilities and government sectors that helps customers remain competitive in the face of changing market needs with the enhancements in IoT, Big Data and AI technologies. 

The HISOL and Mapbox partnership will be particularly valuable to business executives seeking to purchase enterprise applications with mapping and navigation solutions. The partnership will also provide powerful SDKs (software development kits) to developers building customizable consumer experiences. The services can be implemented at low cost as cloud-based applications.

Global Mapbox solutions will be adapted to Japan market needs and processes with HISOL's experience in the market as an integrator. With more than 30 years of accumulated knowledge and system integration capabilities in the location business sector, HISOL has deep experience in the Japan market. Starting in Q1 2020, Mapbox Japan maps will be available to all customers in Japan, as well as Japan businesses serving global customers in APAC and around the world.

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Yahoo! Japan serves more than 40 million users as Japan's most trusted brand for traffic, weather, transportation, and discovery mobile applications. In 2019, Mapbox and Yahoo! Japan partnered to relaunch the maps that make up the foundation of these experiences. The partnership is powered by Zenrin data, and offers Japan consumers best-in-class maps and navigation experiences. Mapbox.jp launched at SoftBank World 2019 in Tokyo. The creation of a Mapbox office in Tokyo allows Mapbox to provide technical account management and support to Japan customers, as well as in-country expertise for global business operating in Japan.

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