The PLIQO bag revolutionises business travel with its patented folding hanger system

LONDON, Dec. 18, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With businesses looking to secure corporate partnerships and target customers based in as many markets as possible, international travel has come to play an increasingly important role for employees. But travelling for work does not always deliver the same comforts as a personal holiday.

Packing for business travel can be especially tricky, particularly given the formal dress code usually stipulated. Besides corporate commitments, personal engagements, from weddings to funerals, can also require individuals to pack their formal wear for long trips.  

Writing exclusively for European CEO, PLIQO Director Patrick Tatham talked about the challenges he faced when travelling in a suit. They drove him to invent the PLIQO bag, an expertly designed carry case that keeps clothes compact and pristine.

“While travel is usually enjoyable, it is rarely so in a suit,” Tatham explained. “PLIQO’s promise is simple: you need never travel in your suit again, no matter how light you’re packing. We believe the PLIQO garment bag is the smartest product of its type in the world.”

A pair of aviator sunglasses that could be neatly folded in half provided the initial inspiration for the PLIQO bag, which boasts large internal dimensions, a tough outer shell and a unique folding hanger to keep suits crease-free even on the longest of journeys.

So far, demand for the PLIQO bag has been strong, with sales coming from all over the world. And while Tatham is well aware that concerns surrounding climate change will likely lead to a reduction in business travel over the coming years, for now, there remains a need for well-thought-out travel products like the PLIQO bag.

To find out more about PLIQO’s ingenious approach to business travel, check out an exclusive article in the latest issue of European CEO, available in print, online and on tablet now.

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