Using experiences to breathe new life into corporate marketing

LONDON, Jan. 06, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Digital marketing has long been an essential aspect of many brands’ corporate strategies. Over time, an increasing number of new developments have been incorporated within traditional marketing processes, from data analytics to social media adverts. But while these tools helped to boost efficiency and profitability, they have also been accused of making the relationship between customer and service provider less personal.

Experiences, on the other hand, can drive long-lasting engagement and foster stronger bonds with customers. At Keith Prowse, the UK’s leading hospitality provider, a recently conducted survey looked into the current state of the experience market. The results, compiled in a report titled People Buy Experiences: a Study into the Future of Hospitality, examined the best ways to entertain clients, suppliers and employers.

The survey found that brands can use hospitality to build meaningful relationships and secure face-to-face opportunities. These are insights that have long been embodied by the work conducted at Keith Prowse – where hospitality has never been about simply creating one-off moments.

“The business of hospitality has always been about building networks,” Sam Coates, Head of Marketing at Keith Prowse, wrote in an article for European CEO magazine. “Now, it is increasingly about nurturing trust between hosts and their guests. To understand what guests want and what influences them to attend events, we had to question why people buy experiences.”

While a number of industries already use experiences to bring their products to life, what works for one demographic may not necessarily work for another. Younger individuals often value flexibility, while older audiences may prefer formality and discretion. Whatever demographic your company is catering for, make sure your hospitality event has maximum impact.

To find out more about Keith Prowse and the importance of brands connecting with their customers on a deeper level, check out an exclusive article in the latest issue of European CEO, available online now.

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