empowerHER Opens Southern California Chapter

Local community raises more than $75K to kickstart new chapter and extend unique programming to young girls and women suffering mother loss

NORWELL, Mass., Jan. 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- empowerHER, a nonprofit organization serving young girls and women who have experienced the early loss of their mothers, today announced it has successfully opened the Southern California Chapter. Thanks to the generosity and support of top luxury real estate agents Jade Mills and Alexis LaMontagna, accomplished singer/songwriter Bonnie McKee and local philanthropist Alex Schindler among others, the nonprofit raised more than $75K to safely and responsibly open the first new empowerHER Chapter. Today, empowerHER serves 200+ girls in New England and will continue to expand its unique programming to additional regions across the United States in the year ahead. Dedicated efforts to replicate this Chapter model are in process throughout the country including Washington D.C., New York City and Dallas. To learn more about our expansion plans, visit HERE.

empowerHER is one of the only nonprofit organization in the U.S. serving girls and young women of mother loss in a community-based, non-therapeutic and volunteer-driven model. Funds raised to kickstart the Southern California Chapter will go directly to building the team and infrastructure needed to successfully replicate empowerHER programs: EVENTS for GIRLS that remind them they are not alone in their grief and a 1:1 MENTOR MATCH PROGRAM designed to build a supportive community for year-round support.  

With a clear and concise expansion playbook available, new empowerHER Chapter development is gaining momentum. With the support of local ambassadors eager to evangelize the critical importance of community among young girls who have suffered the devastating loss of their mother, and the generous financial support of partners and FOUNDERS alike, rapid Chapter expansion is expected in the coming year. Unlike anything else in the country, empowerHER offers programs completely free of charge to the family and rooted in a deep understanding of how it feels for a girl to lose her mother and what it will take to lift her up - to nurture and guide her - to give her hope, strength and self-confidence.

“We are thrilled to have helped kickstart the Southern California Chapter of empowerHER,” said Alexis LaMontagna, empowerHER FOUNDER. “We are inspired by the outpouring of support from so many local, dedicated and generous friends and colleagues, and look forward to replicating empowerHER’s proven and unique programming to serve girls locally,” added Jade Mills, empowerHER FOUNDER. 

“Words cannot begin to describe my gratitude for the strong, selfless and generous women in Southern California who spearheaded this tremendous fundraising and awareness effort to support a community of young girls silently suffering,” said Cara Belvin, Founder, empowerHER. “The Southern California Chapter represents a significant milestone in our evolution and the power of a community united in a shared mission to serve those who need it most. I am confident in our Chapter expansion plans to successfully meet the needs of girls across the country who feel isolated in their grief and serve as a powerful reminder, ‘beautiful girl, you can do hard things’.” 

About empowerHER
Headquartered in Norwell, MA, empowerHER was formed in 2013 by Cara Belvin with a very specific mission—to empower, support and connect girls and young women who have experienced the early loss of their mothers. empowerHER currently serves 200+ girls across New England up to age 24 by providing group events and retreats designed to build a supportive community in tandem with a mentoring program with caring community volunteers, many of whom have themselves experienced this profound loss. All programs and activities are provided at no charge to the family. empowerHER is the only program of its kind in the country and operates with a lean staff and hundreds of volunteers.   

To learn more about empowerHER, visit www.empoweringher.org. To learn more about empowerHER’s expansion efforts, visit HERE. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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