EdjSports Unveils the EdjZone™ for Super Bowl LIV

Real-time app alerts fans when teams should “GO FOR IT” on 4th down

Louisville, KY, Jan. 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LOUISVILLE, KY (January 30, 2020) – EdjSports, the premier intelligence firm for the sports industry, announced today it has unveiled the EdjZone™ – a real-time app that alerts fans when teams should “GO FOR IT” on 4th down.

EdjSports is widely acclaimed for its in-game risk management analysis and proprietary Game-Winning Chance (GWC) metric used by NFL teams and media including NFL Media and Fox Sports.

Using real-time game data, the EdjZone™ is able to identify when a team is in 4-down territory, beginning as early as 1st down. The EdjZone™ prediction is generated from the proprietary EdjFootball simulation model and is based on giving the offensive team the best chance to win the game (not convert).

“Today’s sports fan is a more sophisticated consumer and for the first time will have the same real-time insights used by NFL teams, said Sean O’Leary, EdjSports CEO and Co-Founder. As fans, we love to participate in the game and sometimes passionately question the decisions by our favorite teams. The EdjZone gives fans a new way to experience the game like never before and will confirm which team is making the best decisions.”

Available at www.edjsports.com, the application is free for registered users during Super Bowl LIV.

About EdjSports.com

EdjSports.com is a new consumer website built with the same predictive and prescriptive analytics tools originally designed for NFL teams and media. The site launched in September 2019 and currently features matchups for the NFL, NCAA D1 football and basketball, NBA and EPL with plans for sport expansion later this year. Each matchup features an in-depth Game-Winning Chance analysis including a distribution of outcomes for both Game-Winning Margin and Game-Total Points.

About the EdjFootball Model

Built on 20+ years of historical NFL play-by-play and statistical data, the EdjFootball model is a fully customizable simulation engine. It accounts for each team’s strengths and weaknesses on offense, defense, and special teams. Model inputs include game state (score, timeouts, quarter, clock, down and distance, and field position), venue characteristics (indoor, outdoor, grass, turf, elevation), second half kickoff team, key injuries and Football Outsiders DVOA. Each week the model evaluates team performances and adjusts team strengths and weakness accordingly. As a result of these analyses, over the course of a season the EdjFootball model simulates over 3 billion games to conclusion.

About EdjSports

EdjSports \Edge-Sports\ empowers smarter decision-making with proven predictive and prescriptive analytical models and win probability applications in the sports industry for teams, media, fans and bettors. EdjSports helps decision makers enhance their ability to gain the competitive edge that ultimately impacts the bottom line - winning. EdjSports properties include EdjSports.com, Football Outsiders, EdjVarsity and EdjSports has a strategic partnership with Massey Ratings.

EdjSports work has been featured in the New York Times, Fox Sports, The Ringer and The Athletic.

Follow EdjSports on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram @edjsports and www.edjsports.com.

EdjSports does not have an official partnership with Super Bowl LIV.


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EdjZone by EdjSports - 4th down GO example from the TVvsBAL Divisional Round game.

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