Trendalytics Announces Launch of New Trend Forecast Solution

The new feature extends Trendalytics’ industry-leading insights to provide definitive predictions on the length and trajectory of retail trends

NEW YORK, Feb. 12, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Trendalytics, a product intelligence engine delivering data-backed solutions for the retail industry, today announced the launch of its Trend Forecast tool. As the first of its kind in the industry, this offering expands on Trendalytics’ ability to identify retail trends using consumer signals and industry data to provide a definitive forecast on the future trajectory of a trend. Traditional trend forecasting methods lack the ability to harness the vast amounts of available data, while Trendalytics’ Trend Forecast tool can project up to a year out for a complete trend prognosis. 

The new Trend Forecast solution identifies and analyzes the current state and history of an individual trend, placing it in the context of similar trends to calculate a predicted trend curve. Displayed for users in an easy-to-understand dashboard, the Trend Forecast Tool indicates whether a trend is expected to grow, stabilize, or decline over the next year.

“Our goal at Trendalytics is to empower users to make decisions based on as much valuable information as possible, and the new Trend Forecast tool delivers a new level of confidence to this information. We are moving beyond the vague assumptions of traditional trend forecasting to provide definitive information grounded in troves of past retail performance data,” commented Kathy Leake, CEO of Trendalytics. 

Prior to the release of the new Trend Forecast tool, retail experts had to rely on gut instincts paired with last year’s sales data in order to make forecasting decisions. With Trendalytics’ Trend Forecast, they are empowered to make more detailed and accurate projections by combining their expertise and experience with the tool’s algorithms.

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Trendalytics is a product intelligence engine that decodes and enriches retail industry data to surface what consumers want today and tomorrow. As your personal data scientist, Trendalytics’ proprietary machine learning and image recognition technology superpowers clients with a 360° lens on consumer demand and market supply inflection points by classifying and translating data across social influencer buzz, online product searches, consumer shopping patterns, and SKU data into actionable merchandise insights. Our clients have increased sales, conversions, margins, and brand discoverability by incorporating Trendalytics insights into their workflows.

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