Mountjoy Enterprises Announces Two New Flavors

PETALUMA, Calif., Feb. 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mountjoy Enterprises is pleased to announce two new flavors of Mountjoy Sparkling CBD sparkling water — Black Cherry and Nature Berry — bringing the total number of flavors in the Mountjoy Sparkling line to seven. The new flavors will begin shipping March 1, 2020.

Flavor development at Mountjoy begins with our team sitting around a rectangular table with a walnut top and black iron legs with a series of cups labeled A, B, C… Everyone tries the samples, takes notes. Notes are shared. Discussion follows. How do you feel about each? Do you love it? If none of the samples has a “that’s it” moment for everyone, an enthusiastic communal “yes!”, then the samples are tossed and the process starts over with new flavor ideas. Winning flavors move onto the next round. 

But there’s more to the flavor story. In functional beverages such as Mountjoy, there is an additional contributor to flavor — the additive that makes the drink work. Mountjoy’s Nanotonic method of preparing a beverage-ready extract from hemp flower features a mild, natural taste, which, when combined with fruit flavors such as peach or blackberry, yields beverages of depth and complexity. 

“Having a drink is in our genes,” says company founder and CEO, Alex Mountjoy. “Having a drink facilitates trust in one another, which in turn enables the free and open exchange of ideas that is essential for social and economic growth. We like to figure out ways we can help each other, and we often do so over a drink.

“This is the work that we’re doing at Mountjoy. And it impacts every single human being on this planet.”

Mountjoy’s flavors are natural. Mountjoy Sparkling is sugar-free and zero-calorie.

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About Mountjoy Enterprises

Founded in 2017, Mountjoy Enterprise’s mission is to contribute to people's experience of life by broadening the meaning of having a drink, giving people healthier, happier ways to enjoy this fundamental, rich, communal and revitalizing aspect of life.

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