HCMC Announces Publishing of an Independent Report Regarding the Use of Arecoline as a Possible Preventative for Covid19. HCMC Owns U.S. Patent Covering Processes and Methods of Manufacture of Arecoline 

HOLLYWOOD, FL, April 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Healthier Choices Management Corp. (OTC Pink: HCMC) announced today that On March 31, 2020, an independent report created by the NuTrade LLC Corona Virus Task Force was published. This report reviews the possibility of the use of Arecoline, a nicotinic acid-based alkaloid, as a possible preventative for COVID-19.

HCMC owns a United States Patent, which covers, among other things, the methods of manufacture of Arecoline, which is derived from the Areca nut.

HCMC is actively reviewing the report and seeking possible ways to monetize its intellectual property.

NuTrade LLC is currently engaged as a consultant by HCMC and has an economic interest in the aforementioned patent, as well as several other patents owned by the Company.

The link to the report is www.arecolinereport.com HCMC has not independently verified any information or findings contained in the report.

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