The Best of the Cloud with the Core Benefits of Webscale, at an Entry-Level Price Point

SUNNYVALE, Calif., April 07, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Webscale, the “Any Platform” Commerce Cloud, today announced the launch of Webscale Core, an affordable, fixed cost cloud hosting solution for small to medium-sized (SME) ecommerce storefronts. Initially targeting businesses on Magento (1.x, 2.x, Community and Enterprise versions), Webscale Core leverages the company’s expertise with the platform, gained from managing thousands of storefronts, while delivering the same powerful features, deep insight and control it provides to many of the world’s leading online brands.

With more than half of all Magento sites still on the, soon to be end-of-life, M1.x version of the platform, most of whom are SME businesses, Webscale Core doubles down on the company’s commitment to continue its support of this large community. Webscale Core delivers the best of the cloud, with its pervasive capacity and infrastructure availability, in an affordable hosting plan that is unique in its support of all Magento store types, regardless of their version and size. With Webscale Core, any SME merchant can now get access to the same, proven platform that supports massive brands such as Alex & Ani, Shinola, Regal Cinemas, Swarovski and Watsco.

“We are entering a period of human history unlike any other, and the demands being placed upon online businesses to deliver has never been greater,” said Sonal Puri, CEO, Webscale. “Webscale Core is a simple commitment to bringing, to smaller merchants, the benefits of our many years’ experience managing multiple platforms like Magento in the public cloud, without the crippling high monthly fees or aggressive revenue sharing models that punish success.”

Designed for fast-growing businesses, those with seasonal shifts in traffic, or for those just starting their online journey, Webscale Core offers affordable, fixed cost hosting, and is targeted at storefronts with traffic up to 50,000 visitors per month. Pricing does not change by the size of the shopping cart or total revenue. By doing this, Webscale commits to making ecommerce applications of all sizes successful, while enabling owners to solely focus on building their online businesses.

Security, Performance, Availability and Support

Security, performance and scalability challenges are common with entry-level, single-server and static hosting solutions, where low cost often equates to a substandard user experience and a lack of reliability. These features form the cornerstone of Webscale Core, all delivered via its uniquely distributed data plane. Security includes a web application firewall (WAF) with blacklisting, whitelisting and geo-blocking, OWASP Top 10 threat protection, one-click DDoS attack mitigation and Web Controls, simple, customizable DIY policies to protect against common attack patterns.

Webscale Core improves performance by keeping page load times fast, using content and mobile optimization, Dynamic Site Cache for caching HTML and associated content, optimized cache control to minimize unnecessary cache purges, as well as optimizing non-critical third-party assets by deferring or downloading assets in parallel.

With high resiliency and no single point of failure, Webscale Core’s data plane offers 100% availability, able to dynamically scale out and in, to handle traffic surges. Webscale’s self-healing capability ensures the application server automatically recovers from health failures, and TLS terminations ensure that application infrastructure is continuously offloaded from compute-intensive activity. Unlike other managed hosts serving the SME segment with single server solutions, Webscale follows cloud-ready architecture guidelines to ensure online success for its customers.

Support for Webscale Core hosted storefronts is provided 24x7 by Webscale’s award-winning support team, offering both cloud and application-level expertise, with a guaranteed response time SLA for critical incidents.

Webscale Core applications can also be heavily customized with powerful add-ons as the storefront and traffic grows, a full list of which can be found on the Webscale Core plan page here: https://www.webscale.com/plans

About Webscale

Webscale, the “Any Platform” Commerce Cloud, is the leader in hyperscale cloud management, automation and hosting. Delivered as-a-Service, the Webscale platform allows businesses of all sizes to benefit from infinite scalability, load balancing, high performance, outage prevention, improved security, and simple management in multi-cloud environments, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure. Webscale enables digital transformation for B2C, B2B, and B2E e-commerce and enterprise customers in nine countries and for seven of the Fortune 1000 businesses.

The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, with offices in Boulder, CO, and Bangalore, India. For more information, visit www.webscale.com. Follow us on LinkedInTwitter, and Facebook.

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