NYC Police On The Frontlines, Battle Against The Coronavirus Pandemic Leading To Physical Illness And Emotional Stress

NEW YORK, April 10, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- We at ‘Talk To Me Post Tour’ (TTMPT) can immediately support the NYPD with our Post Tour Processing (PTP) program that helps police de-stress.

  • As the virus spreads, we can also help other police departments across the nation manage the pressure that leads to PTSD during this Covid-19 crisis and beyond.

As our government has put the social distancing requirements in effect, it is the police who enforce them.

  • Leaving police across the nation and especially in NYC at a greater risk for contracting the virus because of the inadequate supply of gloves, masks and hand sanitizers used for protection.

Alarmingly NYC saw close to 6,700 of their police force and civilian members out sick from Covid-19, over the weekend.

  • Sadly 13 members of the NYPD have died as of 4/7/20 from the virus.

Meanwhile the New York City jails are adding to the crisis by releasing criminals onto the streets due to the jails being rampant with Coronavirus.


Your donation will make a difference.

  • The annual cost to help each officer during this pandemic is $300. How many officers can you support?
  • General or Corporate Donations can be made at:

  • This action has led to an escalation of 2500 major felony crimes during the month of March and rising; putting extra stress on our cops.

Police are also facing a spike in domestic violence which puts them at more risk of close contact with possible covid-19 carriers.

  • In addition, there is an uptick in theft due to the devastating economic downturn —again adding more pressure.

Although the imminent danger is physical, the mental stress of this viral pandemic is taking its toll, seeming more debilitating and longer lasting.

To meet the rapid escalation of the Coronavirus pandemic in NYC — that is at its peak and coming to a community near everyone:


Your donation will make a difference!

  • The annual cost to help each officer during this pandemic is $300. How many officers can you support?
  • General or Corporate Donations can be made at:

So that our law enforcement heroes can readily utilize our services and lead a happier, healthier life while they protect and serve the great city of New York and beyond.

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TTM PTP, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)3.

With Post Tour Processing (PTP) peer facilitator program, officers can anonymously communicate with trained, active and retired law enforcement volunteers to get the help they need to process, share, talk through what they’ve experienced and de-stress without fear of losing their status at work or job. If need be, those who are in crises would be referred to professional therapists for further treatment.

PTSD can happen from one extreme traumatic situation or from exposure to many stressful incidents over time. These pressures in some officers may lead to physical and mental health problems that could result in overwhelming anxiety, depression, phobias, high blood pressure, heart disease, sleep disorders, destructive behavior; such as domestic violence, alcoholism, eating disorders, prescription drug abuse and unintentional overreactions on the job with peers and the public.

Developed “By Police, For Police, With Police”. Talk To Me Post Tour’s Post Tour Processing is an independent non-profit group of committed and concerned retired officers and police professionals, formed to address a gap in the services available for law enforcement. It was the Executive Board of TTM PTP,Inc. a non-profit 501 (3)c who identified and developed the anonymous preventive program (PTP) to make available a viable solution for police officers that would not otherwise have a place to support each other during a time of overwhelming stress.

Robyn Cannariato LCSW, ABD
Retired NYPD
President TTMPT
The Rest of the TTMPT Team

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