Stackery Expands Serverless Security and Continuous Delivery Capabilities

Secure Application Delivery Empowers Teams to Scale Serverless Success with Security and Governance

Portland, OR, April 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Secure serverless delivery company Stackery has announced enhanced security and continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) capabilities that enable teams to automate delivery best practices from laptop to production. With additional audit capabilities, scoped IAM permissions, and secrets management for automated verification and deployment pipelines, Stackery helps teams scale serverless usage and accelerates modernization and innovation. 

“Serverless is a great way for organizations to rapidly deliver customer value and innovation, without wasting effort on unnecessary, costly, and complex infrastructure,” said Stackery CEO Tim Zonca. “By introducing additional security and CI/CD features, the Stackery platform brings cloud teams the agility of serverless while making enterprise-grade security consistent and automatic.” 

The Speed of Serverless with Enterprise Security and Governance 

Organizations are looking for infrastructure solutions that address speed, scale, cost, and security. According to O’Reilly’s 2019 Serverless Survey, 40% of respondents whose organizations had adopted serverless had done so in order to reduce operational costs and automate scaling. However, the remaining 60% reported security as a barrier to adoption. 

By streamlining the approach to security throughout the lifecycle, Stackery’s secure SaaS platform makes it possible for any business designing, developing, and delivering modern applications to enhance productivity, while ensuring that their workloads are compliant and Well-Architected from end-to-end. In addition, the Stackery platform helps enterprise customers cut cloud costs by up to 90% and drive a 60x faster release cycle. By automating and visualizing serverless architecture, Stackery further frees teams to focus on business logic to deliver value and innovate rapidly, securely and at scale.

Automate Secure Serverless Delivery at Scale and with Speed 

Stackery helps customers define and protect how applications are deployed to testing, staging, and production environments, for promoting applications to environments via Amazon Web Services (AWS) CodeBuild, and for tracing and auditing. Stackery’s latest secure serverless delivery features now further automate verification (CI) and deployment (CD) pipelines. These include: 

  • GitOps Workflows: With git integrations for Gitlab, Github and Bitbucket, as well as support for CI/CD tooling including CircleCI and Jenkins, Stackery ties pipelines into integrated GitOps workflows to facilitate changes, audits, and delivery mechanisms. 
  • Agile Change Management: Automatic promotion of the stack change set to the next environment upon successful passing of tests & verifications.
  • Scoped Permissions and Secrets Management: Fully scoped permissions across all accounts and environments to enable development teams to scale and fully leverage a tuned set of AWS IAM roles, permissions and secrets.
  • Automated Security Audits: Additional open source security integrations for common tooling such as npm audit for Node.js and safety check for Python. 
  • Enhanced Provisioning: Enables sandboxed integration testing, as well as manual verification, linked directly into every PR. 
  • Automatic Verification of Stacks: Manage changes, dependencies, and processes easily by giving visibility and control over the automation of continuous delivery pipelines. 
  • CloudLocal Development: Integrate quickly with AWS serverless resources and automate the continuous delivery of validated stacks in every pull request.

Stackery Customer Branch Insurance first used Stackery to help them quickly build and deploy a best-in-class insurance experience for their customers: “We wanted a way to develop software solutions with a minimum of code-writing, so we can focus on delivering meaningful products to customers,” said Branch Insurance co-founder and CTO Joe Emison. “Stackery’s platform and workflows allow us to achieve consistency, control, and agility for our serverless deployments and makes security and compliance effortless. In short, Stackery helps us continuously deliver software experiences to our customers that surpass expectations.” 

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