NextgenID Announces Supervised Remote In-person Proofing to Enable Government Agencies’ HSPD-12 Identity Credential Issuance to Comply with COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Eliminates physically present operators - social distancing and safety for enrollees and operators

Meets requirements of the “new normal” in the COVID-19 era

WASHINGTON, April 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NextgenID, a technology leader in trusted identity assurance and credentialing solutions, today announced its Supervised Remote In-person Proofing (SRIP) technology to upgrade Government Agencies’ HSPD-12 identity credential issuance processes to comply with COVID-19 safety guidelines.

This production-ready technology targets organizations that use PIV, PIV-I, CIV, CAC, TWIC and FRAC secure credentials. It enables these organizations to capture personal biometrics and other information mandated for credential issuance and renewal, while also meeting requirements of social distancing and other best practices to better protect enrollees and operators, in the “new normal” COVID-19 era.

SRIP provides proofing to NIST SP800-63-3 standards for high assurance (IAL3) through remote operators using NextgenID’s ID*Capture® Kiosk, an all-in-one system designed to securely perform all enrollment processes and workflow requirements. By using SRIP, the operator providing the in-person proofing is located away from the kiosk, whether across the room, in the next office, working from their home office or from a facility on the other side of the country. SRIP delivers everything needed to remotely manage the complete proofing process as if there in person. Operators can see, talk to and guide users, facilitating speed and accuracy while maximizing both safety and accurate workflow.

NextgenID’s SRIP and ID*Capture Kiosk also help agencies to comply with the Office for Management and Budget’s recently issued OMB Memorandum 20-19, a set of instructions advising agencies on how to deal with government systems, access and use in the current COVID-19 environment. The OMB directs agencies “to use the breadth of available technology capabilities to fulfill service gaps and deliver mission outcomes.”

By using NextgenID’s SRIP solution, agencies can quickly continue to enroll and re-issue PIV and other identity credentials without compromising security or incurring the cost and complexity of supporting and issuing interim credentials that would have to be later replaced, according to the OMB guidance. The NextgenID solution enables agencies to maintain their HSPD-12 mandated high levels of physical and logical access security and at the same time meet COVID-19 social distancing recommendations.

“Government employee and contractor credentialing is an essential service, but current practices put operators and enrollees at risk due to extensive close personal contact,” said Mohab Murrar, CEO of NextgenID. “After-effects of this pandemic will change how business is conducted well beyond this immediate crisis. NextgenID has revolutionized the proofing process for issuance of PIV, CAC and PIV- I credentials. Remote proofing services using our kiosk comply with social distancing by allowing guidance through the enrollment process without the need for a person to physically interact with enrollees. This lack of human-to-human contact will greatly help to combat COVID-19 and keep people safe.”

Here’s how NextgenID’s solution works:

  • Enrollees interact with an unmanned, all-in-one kiosk to capture required identity information and biometrics
  • Engagement with the kiosk requires minimal contact; sanitized wipes are provided to clean keyboard, screen and fingerprint scanner equipment between uses
  • Operators remotely guide enrollees though the process and operate the kiosk
  • Operators remain at a safe distance whether across the room, in the next office or anywhere else in the world

NextgenID’s SRIP solution and ID*Capture Kiosk are available now. Installations can be up and running in as little as 30 days. NextgenID offers pricing options varying from outright purchase to a complete transaction-based model with no up-front capital outlay.

Find out more about NextgenID and its HSPD-12 identity credential enrollment solutions on the company website, or by phone at (703) 429-8525.

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