RocketFuel Blockchain Inc. and Sila Inc. Announce Partnership to Transform Payments in USA using blockchain technologies

Both Sila and RocketFuel believes in frictionless and simple payments

  • Integration of Sila to the RocketFuel Platform enables RocketFuel users to make payments also with ACH and digital wallets.
  • Sila will bring the frictionless and patent protected RocketFuel checkout solution to its merchants

Las Vegas, Nevada, April 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- “RocketFuel”, the blockchain based checkout solution for both eCommerce and brick-and-mortar merchants and Sila, the built-in ACH and digital wallet API provider, have announced a partnership to transform and disrupt the monopolized and rigid payment regimes.

The partnership will see RocketFuel’s ultra high efficiency ecommerce blockchain based check-out technology platform, join Sila build-in digital wallet with linked bank-account to reach millions of new customers and sales channels.

Gert Funk, RocketFuel’s CEO, said: “We are pleased to partner with such a forward looking and innovative company that understands the value and importance of offering access to secure blockchain based digital payments, focusing on protecting sensitive consumer data details and ensuring frictionless and with high cart conversion rates. We believe that by adding the Sila payment methods, digital wallets linked to any of the around 400M US bank accounts our approach and offering to our merchants will be improved significantly.”

RocketFuel is developing what it believes will be the first check-out solution on the market focusing on enhancing customer data protection enabling consumers to pay for goods online without expositing spending credentials and other personal data to 3rd parties.

The partnership between RocketFuel and Sila is the perfect match for both companies to expand the frictionless and simple payment and check-out solutions to both eCommerce and brick-and-mortar merchants and at the same time widen the sales channels significantly.

Together, RocketFuel and Sila have the opportunity to transform the payments experience for the hundred of millions of online and retail shoppers that are looking for 100% secure and efficient payment methods without sharing and payment credentials with 3rd parties.


RocketFuel Blockchain Inc. is developing technology to bring highly efficient check-out systems to eCommerce. These new check-out systems are based on blockchain technology and are designed to increase speed, security, and ease of use. RocketFuel believes that users of its technology will be able to enjoy seamless check-out and forget about the clunky cart paradigm of the past. Merchants will be able to implement new impulse buying schemes that may be unavailable in present day eCommerce sites. More information about RocketFuel is available at:


Sila provides Banking and Payments Infrastructure-as-a-Service for teams building the next generation of financial products and services. Its banking APIs replace the need for integrating with legacy financial institutions saving you months of development time, and thousands in legal and regulatory expenses. Sila is the only U.S. regulated payments and banking API that uses a built-in stablecoin called SILA to move money between user accounts. Currently available on the Ethereum public blockchain, SILA is an ERC-20 token pegged 100:1 to the US Dollar, with funds held by an FDIC member bank. This allows programmable money via Solidity-based smart contracts, fiat-to-crypto on-ramps, and blockchain anchored transaction logs. More information about Sila is available at

We Make Payments Secure and Simple and at the same time Protecting Consumer data

No re-direct and no typing of redundant information. No longer any need to open new accounts with passwords, etc.
Consumer Data Protection
Zero exposure of spending authority.
No middlemen, payment processors or card-schemes involved 100% secure and encrypted
Faster. No filling out forms and no need to provide payment details

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