Disinfecting and Sanitizing Services for Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES

Pittsburgh, PA, April 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With Coronavirus on all of our minds, you may be asking yourself, “What can I do to further protect myself, my company, my employees and my family?”  The answer for many companies throughout Pittsburgh and Western PA has been to call Enviro-Master Pittsburgh for our Electrostatic Disinfecting Spray Systems and our Sani Guard Virus Vaporizing service.

In the words of Robert Wiemer, executive General Manager at Enviro-Master Pittsburgh and Pestco Professional Services: “Most pest control companies out there who are now shifting their model to help fight COVID are NOT using the right materials nor do they have the extensive amount of training in disinfecting and sanitizing environments. We have years of expertise, and through our Enviro-Master Services division we use active ingredients that are EPA registered to kill coronaviruses, including COVID-19.”

To further help protect our local community from infectious diseases, we also recommend the Sani Guard Service, also known as Virus Vaporizing Service, in other high-touch areas outside the restroom such as dining rooms, break rooms, workout facilities, and children’s play areas.

Both are very affordable and can be added to your weekly service. To place an order for hand sanitation service, or to learn more about Virus Vaporizing Service for your business, please feel free to reach out to our Sales Manager, Jennifer Keller, at 412-651-4890.

  • The fee for an emergency Sani Guard service is priced at $.45 per square foot. 
  • The fee for a one-time Sani Guard service is priced at $.25 per square foot. 
  • For recurring weekly Sani Guard service with a minimum commitment of 8 weeks is $.08 per square foot.

We are currently providing disinfecting, fogging and sanitizing services for all types of situations, including doctor facilities, stat medical facilities, supermarkets, produce warehouses, freight liners, trucks, gas stations, restaurants, moving companies, airlines, airports, auto repair companies and just any business that is still open.

If you’re open to the public, it's advisable to have a specialized disinfectant service every 3-5 days to reduce the risk.

For more information check out Enviro-Masters Virus Vaporizing Service in the news and learn how we are committed to "Protecting You."

Stay safe. Stay Healthy.



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