HQGE Introduces Marvin Williams as New President and Unveils Business Model of New Subsidiary Big M Entertainment Pictures, Inc.

LOS ANGELES, CA, May 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE – HQ Global Education, Inc. (OTC: HQGE) announced today that Marvin Williams has been named President of the Company. Mr. Williams will also retain his current position as CEO of HQGE’s newly acquired subsidiary and operating company, Big M Entertainment Pictures, Inc. which he originally chartered in 2009.

HQGE CEO Daniel Gallardo Wagner commented, “We are excited to announce that Mr. Williams has agreed to join our company as President of HQGE and CEO of our subsidiary Big M Entertainment Pictures, Inc. (“BMEP”). As the co-founder and CEO of Big M Entertainment, Mr. Williams comes to us with many years of experience as a producer, writer, director, and business owner. We welcome him as someone who shares our Company’s vision and possesses the skills, experience and talent we need to help take the Company to the next level.”


Marvin Williams began his career at age 17 programming courses at Digital Corporation and by his mid-20s he had consulted for Ernst & Young, Andersen Consulting and Disney Corporation on their $1.2B California Adventure Theme Park Expansion. He then migrated to Web Development in the role of Webmaster for Equity Marketing (NASDAQ) which also included consulting in SAP implementation. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Williams became CTO & Webmaster for NEW GAL NETWORK .COM, which soon went public on the Canadian Stock Exchange (CDNX).

Soon thereafter, Mr. Williams changed his career focus to the entertainment industry and has never looked back. He and his production company BMEP have been in consistent high demand by music and film producers and production companies for the past twelve years, including contractual agreements and cooperative efforts on projects including blockbuster films, documentaries, and network TV series’, and collaborations with Oscar, Golden Globe, Emmy and Grammy winners and more. In addition, Mr. Williams has directed and BMEP has produced a large catalog of music videos that have reached more than 50,000,000 cumulative views on YouTube. He was also recently granted admission into industry juggernaut CAA’s AMPLIFY database, a major industry honor that was widely announced in all the industry trade publications, including The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, and Deadline.

Mr. Williams attributes his success to date to his ability to help organize winning teams complete successful projects through his unique combination of skill and vision. In his words, “Getting respected producers to get involved, legitimately, on your project or to include you in theirs is tough. Timing and your skillset are key but even more important is your ability to energize a project with a clear vision.” 


Big M Entertainment is a full-service film and TV production company located in the heart of Los Angeles. The company was founded by Marvin Williams, who brings with him more than fifteen years’ experience working with music, film, and TV projects covering a wide range of budgets and scope. Headed by Mr. Williams and a seasoned team of Hollywood veterans, Big M Entertainment is able to draw on its broad and talented base of writers, producers, directors, editors and technicians to provide complete services and assistance at every phase of film and TV content creation, including concept development, writing, editing, cinematography, visual effects, and post-production. The company is also an industry pioneer in the fast-growing fields of online content and micro-budget film creation and is currently engaged in a number of projects being created specifically for concurrent or integrated release both in theaters and for home viewing or on personal devices.

Over the past 12 years Big M Entertainment has produced, co-produced or otherwise professionally collaborated with dozens of high-profile entertainment industry individuals and companies, including Interscope Records / Jimmy Iovene, Disney Records / Hollywood Records, Howie Durough (The Backstreet Boys), The Jacksons (“Michael Jackson Tribute Special”), Trancas International (“Halloween” franchise), Clive Davis, The Grammy Museum, Sony Pictures Entertainment), The BET Awards, Davis Entertainment (“Predator”, “iRobot”) and more. BMEP also has established relationships with major film studio and TV network companies, including Warner Brothers Pictures, Village Roadshow Pictures, NBC Universal, SONY, Lionsgate, Paramount, 20th Century Fox and more, from which BMEP can access additional resources and to whom they can deliver completed feature films or episodic TV properties.

BMEP currently has numerous projects in various stages of production, including “Captured”, a full-length feature film that is scheduled to begin filming on June 1st, “Rosamond”, a gripping horror-thriller that is expected to begin filming in early September, “Trees”, a powerful and timely eco-documentary in final stages of post-production, and “Distance”, an important documentary film that focuses on the personal and societal impact of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Big M Entertainment fully realizes the rapid changes taking place in today’s marketplace and the explosive potential of providing Digital / View-on-Demand entertainment options for the masses. The company is moving quickly to establish itself as a major player in this space and is favorably positioned to provide high quality content that can be affordably delivered to millions or even billions of connected devices.

With the proliferation of mobile devices globally, even Third World Nations and remote locations distant from a wired infrastructure can gain access to web-based streaming content. A large and growing global audience is now within reach through national and international aggregators that have grown both in scope and brand appeal. Even in the U.S., where “cord cutting” from standard cable providers has become the norm, access to web-based streaming solutions and “binge watching” of content has grown significantly. A myriad of SVOD, AVOD, and VOD platforms are competing for content, and consumer habits are increasingly trending towards multi-purpose devices such as smartphones, tablets, and TVs. BMEP’s ability to produce and deliver needed content efficiently at an attractive cost provides the company with an enormous opportunity.


HQ Global Education, Inc., located in Orange County, CA, is the parent company of its wholly owned subsidiary Big M Entertainment Pictures, Inc. (BMEP), a full-service film and TV  production company. HQGE recently confirmed that it has terminated all previous and ancillary activities and is now focusing its efforts entirely on Big M Entertainment Pictures, Inc., which is now HQGE’s sole subsidiary and operating company.

More information can be found at https://hqgeinc.com, http://www.bigmentertainment.com, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-Tm4HRgSgg, http://www.bigmentertainment.com/BIGM_HTS/index_agent.php

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Daniel Gallardo Wagner, CEO