Telco Networks Weather the Increase in Broadband and SMS Use by Subscribers

Accurate Telco Data Critical for SMS Delivery

Lowell, MA, May 13, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NetNumber, a leading provider of centralized signaling and routing control (CSRC) solutions that is complimented with a broad range of Global Data Service (GDS) offerings, announced today it is working closely with Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to ensure their networks can adapt to the increase in broadband and Short Message Service (SMS) traffic.  Recently, FierceTelecom reported that, in Spain for example, network traffic surged by 40% on the IP Network.  Mobile traffic was up almost 50% for voice services and 25% for data traffic.  Many counties in the United States have implemented public information text message alert systems.  Last month, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced efforts to partner with the International Telecom Union (ITU) and CSPs to text vital health information to mobile phones across the globe. 

 As accurate telecom data is critical to ensuring messages are delivered, NetNumber has seen increased interest in its data services.  Accurate routing of voice and messaging services requires access to real-time, authentic data which are the critical elements for global inter-carrier routing, roaming, voice and messaging services.  The NetNumber Global Data Services (GDS) portfolio ensures that its customers have that critical data. Today, data can vary widely by CSP, country of origin and country of destination, data type, and by the third-party sources providing it, creating large gaps in information.  GDS helps to close these large gaps and ensures complete, accurate, up to the minute data and coverage, all delivered through highly reliable, low latency platforms that deliver impressive throughput. 

 Some of the services that support the high volume, accurate delivery of SMS messages include: 

  • Mobile Number Information Service – Tracks, in real-time, subscriber phone number information and ensures subscriber data accuracy for SMS message delivery
  • Carrier ID Service – Provides up to date number portability data which is critical to accurate routing of SMS messages
  • Override Services Registry Service – Identifies OTT/MVNO messaging service has been assigned to a legitimate phone number ensuring SMS & MMS messages get delivered properly

 “In today’s environment, the CSP network is not just business-critical infrastructure but life critical,” explained Matt Rosenberg, chief revenue officer, NetNumber.  “More than ever, CSPs need to rely on accurate telecom data to ensure subscribers are connected to the information and resources they need.  We continue to invest significantly so our customers have the data they can trust to route calls and messages accurately and in the format leveraging the NetNumber ID (NNID) standard.”


NetNumber GDS provides a single, cost effective source for authoritative global data covering telecom, enterprise and security markets.  This data covers 200+ countries, 6,000+ service providers and 450,000 code-ranges.

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