Lawyer Executive Suites or Flexible Coworking Space—Dallas Campbell Centre Case Studies

Most law firms are now transitioning to a new culture of thinking as they start to bring in millennial associate attorneys.

Dallas , May 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- If you are a law firm looking for smart and energetic teams, you need to address the needs of all types of younger demographics. 

Does Your Executive Office Space Look Like This? 

Cubicles, gray carpet on the floor and cubicle walls, zero or few corner offices, beige-colored walls, fluorescent lighting, non-Starbucks coffee—if the answer is "yes," you're in need of modern office space—one that encourages collaboration rather than isolation.

Pros of Coworking for Lawyers Using Modern Executive Office AKA (Coworking, Flexible, No-Lease Office Space)

As coworking spaces have increased in popularity and number over the past few years, more and more attorneys have decided to house their offices in communal office spaces. Coworking spaces provide several unique benefits. 

PROS: Way Less Cost and Administrative Headaches

Until recently, opening a law office required a significant up-front investment and a long-term lease. There was rent to pay, furnishings, and office supplies to purchase, along with utilities and other costs to worry about. Commercial contracts often lacked the flexibility required by attorneys with growing (or shrinking) law firms.

Coworking spaces have put an end to these administrative headaches. Sure, there are still contracts to sign, but these contracts are for desks and small private offices—not for thousands of square feet. 

Coworking spaces are already furnished (some very nicely so), and most are stocked with basic office supplies. Any infrastructure costs—kitchen appliances, coffee, water, snacks, wireless internet—are included in the monthly rent. Just bring your own computer, and you're all set.
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Why Modern Style Coworking Suite vs. Old Fashioned/Traditional Executive Suite? 

Coworking Space
1) Modern vs traditional executive suite 
In an interview with a Dallas commercial lawyer who uses Venture X Dallas Campbell Centre, he admitted that he came from a conventional executive suite which did not give him the Zen of working. When he saw VX Dallas Campbell Centre, he fell in love on his first tour. 
He also expressed that even his old big law firm where he moved from had a boring feel. 

2) Most short term executive suites lock you into a contract. Coworking spaces are flexible. 

3) Since Venture X Campbell is a franchised based operation, the business owner takes a personal interest in each client. You never have to deal with the corporate office. For this reason, the collaborative culture at a coworking space helps every business get help from others. 

"When I moved to coworking, I got many clients referred by Jason Bowers to me. "Qamar Zaman, Dallas SEO & Lawyer Marketing Expert.  

Key takeaways: 

 If you are looking for a new office space that offers the privacy of your own office yet features a modern look for aspiring lawyers, you must see what our attorney clients like about Venture X Dallas Campbell Centre, an executive office for lawyers.

Fact Check: Younger Workers are Less Likely to Prefer Traditional Offices

"Millennials are the leading teams and contribute creative ideas that take their companies above competitors, so you probably want them on your payroll. 

"However, to attract and retain a millennial workforce—the innovative employees that your company needs—you must understand what they want in terms of office design and culture. It would be best if you then created that combination. "Ali Qamar

Law Student Friendly: 

Case Study: Dallas SMU Law Student Uses Venture X to Pass Texas Bar Exam

Ali Qamar, a resident of Dallas and law school student, rented Venture X to prepare for his 2019 Texas Bar exam. 

Since studying at home or the library entailed too many distractions, Qamar considered renting a coworking space. 

"Since my dad had an office at a coworking space, I selected Venture X Dallas. Not only was the place very modern and tranquil for me with no distractions, but I was also able to take my breaks and use the nap room when I was tired. They also had many private phone booths, so if I need to speak with someone, so no one can hear me, I went into the booth and made my calls. 
A few times, my friends came to see me, and we went to nearby restaurants within walking distance and saved me time. 
Thanks to VX, I passed my exam on the first attempt." Ali Qamar, J.D. / Tax Associate - EY

According to another study conducted, millennials officially overtook baby boomers as the largest generation in the U.S. workforce. Today, more than one in three workers are millennials, and this new generation of workers has different professional goals and expectations than their parents and grandparents.

Specifically, younger workers value a healthy work-life balance. In a New York Times profile, one 28-year-old worker said she left her corporate bank job for a design firm that allows its workers to work from home on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

What Are The Concerns Over Privacy When Working at Coworking?

The concern about using a shared office, whether it is an executive suite or coworking space, is the same. The good news is that there are no concerns you can't handle. 

"For example: At Venture X, Dallas Private Office for law firms, we offer secured offices and conference rooms. Most lawyers bring in their printer and fax and keep them in the privacy of their room." —Jason Bowers, CEO of Venture X Dallas Campbell Center 

Benefits Venture X Dallas Campbell Offers That Make This Dallas Coworking Space Beneficial for a 1-10-Person Legal Practice. 

Most law firms are good at what they do. But, running a legal practice has its challenges. If you are a budding law firm with a limited budget, here is a list of unique resources Venture X Dallas Campbell Centre offers. Due to the collaborative nature of working together and sharing ideas, each community member benefits from coworking. 

1) IT support/network engineering experts
2) Web design & SEO experts 
3) Graphic designers 
4) Lawyer marketing/quality lead consultant expert.
To learn more about Venture X Dallas Campbell's attorney office-space plans, visit our dedicated web pages that address your needs and concerns:

Does Venture X Dallas Campbell Work With Commercial Brokers?
Yes, to learn more, please visit our virtual tour page that we have added as an excellent resource for commercial brokers to share with their clients.

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