DPI Construction Management taps Dr. Elaine Chin to consult on coronavirus safety protocols

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

TORONTO, June 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DPI Construction Management today announced the engagement of Dr. Elaine Chin, President of the Innovation Health Group, as an independent consultant to advise on commercial construction projects to ensure workplace safety and employee wellness after stay-at-home restrictions are lifted.

“Dr. Chin will help our project managers develop safety protocols that are tailored for all of our projects,” said Rick Perin, Co-Founder of DPI. “We’ve always recognized that every project plan, even with the best laid plans can face challenges along the way. COVID-19 presents an enormous new challenge for all of us in so many ways. This virus will be with us until a vaccine can be found, which means that our approach to workplace safety must be thorough and well thought out. Dr. Chin will help us with that. And, in turn, we’ll continue to deliver for our clients.”

Understanding that every construction site is different, DPI and Dr. Chin will develop tailored plans to maximize social distancing and workplace safety as it relates to the following:

 1.Site Preparation4.Controlled Access
 2.Personal Protection5.Cleaning

“When a person goes to work they want to know that every precaution has been put into place to ensure their safety,” said Dr. Chin. “COVID-19 will undoubtedly make construction sites more complex to navigate, but it will be possible to carry on with careful planning and strict adherence to the safety measures we put in place.”

About Dr. Elaine Chin
Elaine Chin, MD, MBA (U of Toronto) is a North American trailblazer of Precision Medicine, founder of Executive Health Centre, a premiere holistic personalized medicine practice in Canada. She is a Wellness Consultant at Good Housekeeping Wellness Institute NYC, former Chief Wellness Office at TELUS Communications Inc and author of, “Lifelines – unlocking the secret of your telomeres for a longer, healthier life.”

About DPI Construction Management
Co-founders Rick Perin and Elvio Di Simone established DPI Construction Management in 1998. The firm was founded based on an unmet need in the marketplace - for a more personalized construction experience built on trust, competence and accountability. This still is what drives the company today, allowing it to prosper into a full-service, industry-leading firm of professionals servicing some of Canada’s largest companies. For more information, visit: https://dpiconstruction.com/

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