New Leaf Ventures Provides Investment Strategy Overview

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- New Leaf Ventures Inc. (CSE: NLV)  (“New Leaf,“NLV” or the “Company”), a management and investment organization dedicated to evaluating and accelerating advanced stage operations in the North American Cannabis sector is pleased to provide a strategic overview of its recent activities.

Over the past 60 days New Leaf successfully closed transactions that included public listing on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol “NLV” and concluded two offerings that raised aggregate gross proceeds of approximately $1.9M. Concurrently, the Company completed an acquisition transaction for 100% of the shares of New Leaf USA Inc. (and its subsidiaries) which provides licenses, consulting services, physical and intellectual property, production equipment and related services to a Washington-based Tier 3 Producer/Processor focused on industrial-scale agronomy, processing, packaging, marketing and distributing cannabis and cannabis related products.

New Leaf Ventures is now positioned to commence strategic actions to nurture and maximize returns based on new revenues generated through increased efficiencies. Focused investment targeting the introduction of advanced equipment, facility upgrades, R&D, new product development, improved manufacturing processes, next generation packaging and increased marketing activity is underway.

The business concept is proposed as a reproducible model for expansion predicated upon scalable earnings metrics introduced and developed at New Leaf USA. New Leaf Ventures proposes to seek out analogous mature business operations for valuation by NLV as investment targets across North America. New Leaf management believes that a growing number of operators have matured to an earnings plateau of product offerings, regional brand equity, and functional efficiencies. Calculated and focused investment alongside unified management is intended to act as a catalyst propelling regional growth under the auspices of a national strategy offering unified best practices, increased buying power for agricultural inputs and packaging materials, nationwide marketing coordination, integrated accounting and as a vehicle for capital market investment.

New Leaf USA is scheduled to commence a program of new products, equipment upgrades and process efficiencies over the next 90 to 120 days. Every purchase order, inventory acquisition and product development activity are being undertaken to advance quality and quantity through a lean, on-time production management process. Commensurate attention to improved efficiencies and cost-savings includes sales and marketing consumer-facing programs to increase awareness, engagement, processing times and customer support.

Michael Stier, CEO of New Leaf Ventures states, “We have achieved a lot over the past few months, but now the work begins in earnest. Our plan is simple really, we look to identify and invest in proven operations that could dramatically improve returns through focussed investment and the application of uniform management techniques. Then we plan to seek out other undervalued businesses, repeat and grow. Through the public markets we can transparently offer an investment opportunity in our very practical and structured concept. The cannabis sector exploded in an unstructured manner over the past few years. There were winners and losers, and we view this as an opportunity to seek out and leverage talented professionals through strategic agreements aimed at achieving quantifiable returns. We invite the investment community to consider that the cannabis sector is ready for a New Leaf.”

About New Leaf Ventures Inc. (CSE: NLV)
New Leaf Ventures Inc. is developing a cannabis sector-based scalable securities concept of focused financing and applied management to achieve earnings growth through targeted investment. The Company’s flagship enterprise is New Leaf USA and its subsidiaries, which provide licenses, consulting services, real property, intellectual property and equipment for lease and ancillary services to a Washington-based Tier 3 Producer/Processor focused on cultivating, growing, processing, packaging, and distributing cannabis and cannabis related products.

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