Cloudtenna Raises $2.5 Million in Financing and Launches Workspace App to Find and Manage Files Across Mobile Business Applications

Workspace delivers industry-first for mobile file search and management technology; enabling professionals to work on-the-go, across cloud-based applications, all from a single app

SUNNYVALE, Calif., June 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cloudtenna, a leader in AI-enabled file search, today announced the launch of the Cloudtenna Workspace mobile application. Workspace is a mobile file search and management application that equips professionals to browse, search, edit, and share all their files across storage, collaboration, and SaaS platforms. Cloudtenna also announced that it has raised an additional $2.5 million in financing from existing investors, including Blazar Ventures, bringing the total amount of funding raised to $6.5 million.

Using a new architecture that distinguishes file metadata from content, Cloudtenna’s search technology builds a universal search index by solely scanning metadata, leaving users’ content in-place on the original application. Workspace scans for keywords, file owners, as well as dates created and modified, to locate files in near realtime.

Tapping Cloudtenna’s proprietary smart search technology, DirectSearch, Workspace helps individuals be more productive by dramatically reducing the time spent searching for relevant content within documents and messages.

“At Cloudtenna, we’re committed to helping professionals adapt to evolving workplace trends,” said Aaron Ganek, Co-founder and CEO at Cloudtenna. “Individuals are increasingly using more productivity, collaboration, and storage tools, which further spreads out important information across SaaS applications. As the popularity and use of these applications grow, so does the challenge of file sprawl. Workspace lets you focus on completing the task at hand, as opposed to finding it.”

Workspace enhances search and collaboration across today’s workforce, offering key features for mobility, security, and personalization.

  • Increased Mobility: By accelerating the content discovery process on smartphones and tablets, Workspace is redefining mobile productivity for a new generation of always-on and remote workers— a population that has grown increasingly mobile with the recent rise of telecommuting.

  • Enhanced Security: With a sophisticated approach to content security and management, Workspace upholds strict privacy standards and maintains individual file permissions across platforms. It encrypts all file metadata to protect files during indexing.

  • Deeper Personalization: Workspace uses advanced artificial intelligence to make the search experience more intuitive and personalized with its Intelligent Recommendations capabilities. It ranks results by relevancy, based on recent file activity, permissions, and ownership.

For teams and individuals alike, Workspace further enables mobile collaboration for digitally-connected employees. Once granted access, Workspace manages files for easy collaboration, eliminating the hassle of remembering countless logins and passwords, while adhering to the necessary security standards for workplace information.

Workspace is an industry-first for the mobile business application ecosystem. Cloudtenna is applying years of expertise in AI-driven enterprise file search, having processed hundreds of terabytes of data, to meet the needs of the growing number of mobile and remote professionals.

To bring order to file chaos, mobile professionals can download Workspace in the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices.

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Cloudtenna was founded to bring order to file chaos. Today, Cloudtenna delivers AI‑powered applications to find, edit, and share workplace files. Its intelligent DirectSearch technology powers unprecedented desktop and mobile file search experiences. Cloudtenna is redefining productivity for a new generation of always-on, mobile, and remote workers. Applying decades of collective expertise in enterprise infrastructure and AI-enabled file search technology, Cloudtenna is revolutionizing how people work across business applications, refining file search and management in near realtime. For more information visit

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