Parascript Rolls Out FieldXpert.AI for Enhanced RPA Handwriting Recognition

Handwriting Recognition That Just Works

Longmont, CO, June 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Parascript, which offers intelligent document processing and document analytics solutions, announced today its rollout of FieldXpert.AI, the newest product in its pre-tuned software suite focused on solving specific digital worker tasks. FieldXpert.AI combines the latest deep machine learning algorithms to supply high-performing, field-level recognition of handwriting without any need to configure or tune in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software.

 "More and more, in order to increase adoption, intelligent capture needs to solve complex problems in ways that are easier to use and that don’t require a lot of expertise," said Greg Council, Parascript Vice President of Marketing and Product Management.  "We saw a need to provide field-level handwriting recognition that didn’t depend upon cloud-based human-in-the-loop services or more complex, time-consuming configurations, yet still provides a significant level of performance. This is yet another of our products that solves that adoption problem."

With a "drop-in" runtime library, FieldXpert.AI immediately enables RPA and process automation software to transcribe handwritten information into machine-readable data. Using a simple .NET API, RPA software submits short to multi-line fields containing handwriting and receives back the transcribed text, all without the need to use dictionaries of words or regular expressions.

"To leverage its capabilities, all you do is plug in FieldXpert.AI. Your software submits a handwritten field and returns the text you want," said Bill Johnson, Parascript Vice President of Global Sales. "This significantly enhances a wide variety of RPA installations by giving access to data that was literally unavailable before due to the expense, time and effort involved in extracting it."

Unlike previous handwriting recognizers, FieldXpert.AI can read information without prior training or additional configuration. FieldXpert.AI’s advanced deep learning algorithms read handwritten information like a human, but with better-than-human accuracy and quicker response times.

FieldXpert.AI is positioned along with Parascript's other purpose-built runtimes like CheckXpert.AI and SigntureXpert where support of more expansive document-oriented capabilities such as that offered by FormXtra.AI are not necessary.

"We see a lot of cases where solution providers need easy access to pre-built and pre-tuned skills and our discrete runtimes are a perfect fit," said Mr. Council. "For more comprehensive needs, FormXtra.AI with Smart Learning is best suited to solve our clients’ document processing and content analytics needs."

To take advantage of FieldXpert.AI today, contact Parascript at (888) 225-0169 or via the website.

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