New Graphic Novel Tackles Managing Depression and Personal Growth During Difficult Times

Author Jarrod Elvin illustrates uplifting comic, ‘Ranger Dentface’

SYDNEY, June 22, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Life comes with many obstacles that can lead an individual into a dark place. In Jarrod Elvin’s new book, “Ranger Dentface: Give your all… Face your fears …Find your heart,” the author introduces a mystical undead realm of the DownUnderworld where Oleo wanders into a crossroads where his choices could change his fortunes forever. Unfortunately, he chooses poorly and is forced to wear a mark of shame in the form of a horrid scar on his chin. After making this decision he finds himself stuck in limbo where he must overcome his inner demons to prove he is the hero of his own life.

The undead world that Elvin beautifully illustrates represents depression and how people can live in this mental state until they are strong enough to pull themselves out of it. The book also refers to timeless issues of sociological behaviors such as the human condition.

“I wrote and illustrated ‘Ranger Dentface’ after I experienced a dark time in my life where I was dealing with depression,” said Elvin. “I hope my graphic novel will inspire readers who are experiencing hard times that it is possible to lift themselves out of depression by doing what is right and facing their fears.”

Readers will not only be captivated by the spirit quest Oleo embarks on but will also see the story through colorful and ghostly illustrations that makes the comic come to life. Elvin’s metaphors that are presented throughout the book can be applied to daily struggles of life.

“Ranger Dentface” will spark many reader's imaginations and will help individuals suffering from depression.

“Ranger Dentface: Give your all… Face your fears …Find your heart
By Jarrod Elvin
ISBN: 9781794815629 (softcover); 9781794815803 (eBook)
Available at the Lulu Online Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author
Jarrod Elvin is an Australian Indie Artist, Comic-Creator and Animator. Illustration and writing stories have always been his life-long passion. Art has been a part of his life ever since he was young. He expresses himself through his drawings and the characters he creates. Elvin earned his bachelor’s degree in Animation and worked for several years as a Motion-Graphics Designer. He now resides in Narooma, New South Wales where he spends his time animating and creating original artwork for his personal and professional life. For more information, please visit

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“Ranger Dentface: Give your all… Face your fears …Find your heart”
By Jarrod Elvin

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