Informative New Textbook Demystifies the Science of Climate Change and Presents Comprehensive Solutions to Curtail Its Effects

‘World Climate’ by Terje Instefjord is a robust starting point for readers interested in learning about the history of global warming and the course of action required to prevent catastrophe

Drøbak, NORWAY, June 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of the 21st century and, as such, often falls victim to sensational misinformation, academic jargon and cursory ideas for change. In his book “World Climate: Causes, Effects and Solutions,” Terje Instefjord breaks down the information barrier, compiling recent reports and publications from climate experts and respected organizations, and presenting a straightforward, digestible explanation of global warming as well as steps the global community can take to safeguard the future of the planet.

An engineer, Instefjord has an extensive background in solving technical puzzles and finding answers to complex problems that often begin with an open thread. Combining his decades of experience with his natural curiosity and passion for the environment, he began research into climate change. Through “World Climate,” he presents fresh insight into the causes and effects of global warming and contributes a better understanding of both the challenges the global community is facing as a result and the course of action required to lessen, and possibly reverse, its impact.

“World Climate” begins with an analysis of current assumptions and predictions surrounding climate change, dissecting the similarities and variations between reports to determine concrete facts on the impact of global warming as well as the uncertainties that remain. From there, Instefjord delves deeper the known data, including how human-caused climate change began, the relationship between carbon dioxide emissions and the climate, and potential consequences of failing to act. He then proposes solutions to achieving climate neutrality, focusing primarily on the replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energy sources.

“I want readers to understand that global warming does not have to end up in widespread disaster,” said Instefjord. “It is possible to stop, and even reverse, it with the right course of actions. We don’t need doomsday predictions, we need solutions.”

“Written with confidence and authority, and supported by well-dissected research, ‘World Climate’ is a timely and prescient publication for experts and laymen alike,” wrote Self-Publishing Review.

“World Climate: Causes, Effects and Solutions”
By Terje Instefjord
ISBN: 9788269088601 (paperback); 9788269088618 (electronic)
Available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and LULU

About the author
Terje Instefjord is an author, entrepreneur and engineer. He received his Master of Science in Electronics Engineering from Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway. During the first part of his career, he worked with hydropower-related design and development at big international companies both in Norway and abroad. In 1990, he founded his first company, and his since started four, working within the realms of green technology and consulting. He is married with three children and lives in Drøbak, Norway.

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