Retired Air Force Wife Releases Honest Depiction from a Military Family’s Point of View

Author Theda Yager releases ‘This Last Mission’ illustrating the raw reality that military wives and families may face

AUSTIN, June 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Life as a military wife comes with many hardships. In Theda Yager’s new book, “This Last Mission: A Love Story Written by a Retired Air Force Pilot’s Wife,” readers will experience a real depiction of a fictional military family’s point of view that illustrates the life of a military wife and the tasks she had to uphold when her husband was deployed. Throughout the novel, Yager beautifully tells a real and raw narrative of what may happen in an Airman’s home while he is away fighting for his country.

“This Last Mission” introduces Consuelo, a strong, seasoned military wife and mother who shares her experience and adversities that she and her family faced when her husband, Jeff, was in active duty in the Air Force. From handling childcare to the maintenance of the family vehicle, Yager stresses the big balancing act that Consuelo maintains while her husband is away. Not only does the book show the reality of what one family may face, but the author illustrates a beautiful love story between Consuelo and Jeff. Regardless of where Jeff may be, Consuelo’s love never faded, and she was always there for him and their family no matter how much she missed him or was struggling.

“My husband was in the Air Force for twenty-six years,” said Yager. “The average person has no understanding of the military person’s life than they do about the life of the family when the spouse is deployed. Though ‘This Last Mission’ is fictional, many of the scenes in the book are real. I hope my book will educate readers on what may happen in a military person’s home while they are away on deployment. Consuelo’s story will shine a light in such a way that is educational, entertaining and at times humorous, though there are perilous moments.”  

“This Last Mission” takes a different perspective and will show readers many obstacles that can occur in a military family.  

“This Last Mission: A Love Story Written by a Retired Air Force Pilot’s Wife”
By Theda Yager
ISBN: 9781973651116 (softcover); 9781973651123 (hardcover); 9781973651109 (eBook)
Available at the WestBow Press Online Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author
Theda Yager has been married to Don Yager for sixty-three years. She was a military wife for twenty-six years and had to wear many hats when her husband was deployed. From having a baby when Don was away to maintaining their bills, readers will get a glimpse into the reality she or her military sisters endured and the tasks she had to uphold in his absence. “This Last Mission” may be fictional but draws from her personal life. Yager is an experienced author and has published five additional books including “All I Wanted Was a Puppy,” “Jacob,” “Dreams and Wishes, Wishes and Dreams,” “An Enemy Within” and “An Unlikely Alliance.”  Yager hopes to publish more books, as a matter of fact, book number seven is nearing completion.

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“This Last Mission: A Love Story Written by a Retired Air Force Pilot’s Wife”
By Theda Yager

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