Digital ESI Consulting & Investigations to Offer Pro Bono Case Assistance

Fees to be waived for accepted civil and criminal cases

DENVER, July 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Digital ESI Consulting & Investigations, certified administrator and provider of digital evidence and investigation expertise services, announced today that they will offer pro bono case assistance for accepted cases, based on case and party circumstance.

Digital ESI Consulting is an Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists certified and affiliated e-Discovery provider, and a certified IPRO database administrator. Their environment was built by certified IPRO database administrators and IT professionals.

Digital ESI Consulting will waive processing and document hosting fees for accepted civil and criminal cases for non-profit agencies, civil rights claims, indigent parties, police, and former police.

“Effective use of an agile e-discovery platform allows users to find its case’s diamond in the rough, with ‘the rough’ being an ever-increasing mountain of digital data,” says James Reynolds, Owner, CEDS, of Digital ESI Consulting & Investigations. “Those with access to the tools and knowledge provided by e-discovery review platforms are not only providing a valuable service to litigators, they have the ability to provide access to a level of justice that is out of reach to those without access to corporate backed litigation support teams. Digital ESI Consulting is willing to provide access to its e-Discovery resources to those who have a compelling need.”

Email cloud-based collections will be offered on a case-by-case basis. Review assistance is not included in the pro bono offerings; however, technical support will be provided at a reduced rate and the following services will be offered at cost:

  • Forensic cloud-based email collection;
  • Forensic physical computer-based collection;
  • Attorney access and user licensing for Digital’s document and email review platform;
  • System training; and
  • Witness background investigation.

Digital ESI Consulting works with licensed Colorado attorneys and experienced paralegals to get through relevance and production reviews. Their licensed private investigators have decades of success in local, county, state, and federal courtrooms. For more information, visit, or contact James Reynolds, owner, CEDS, at

About Digital ESI Consulting & Investigations
Digital ESI Consulting & Investigations is a certified IPRO administrator and provider of digital evidence and investigation expertise services. Utilizing industry tools relied on in both government and legal settings, Digital ESI specialists collect email in a defensible and repeatable manner. Their experts are experienced in witness location and background checks, discovery assistance and fact investigation, video editing, evidence and in-court projection, on-the-fly callout technology, garnishment preparation, asset identification, and deleted data and administrative access recovery.

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