EasyRogs™ Powers Paperless Legal Electronic Discovery for Fast, Code-Compliant Responses

Cloud-based Platform Streamlines Discovery Process and Protects California Lawyers and Clients During COVID-19 Pandemic

LOS ANGELES, July 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Today marks the release of EasyRogs™ (www.easyrogs.com), a groundbreaking new legal discovery solution that replaces old-fashioned paper with intelligent software that automatically generates finished forms, i.e. declarations, verifications and proofs of service (signable with a mouse click), and guides clients through their responses via patent-pending interactive electronic forms. The result is complete, code-compliant responses that cut costs and keep law firms and their clients safe from COVID-19.

EasyRogs is a cloud-based “expert system,” meaning that it knows and applies the California Code of Civil Procedure to create and respond to interrogatories (known as “rogs”) and requests for admissions and documents. It was created by attorney Jeff Schwartz, who previously spent decades creating award-winning software for the computer industry.

“Most California courts have gone electronic and are reaping the benefits of going paperless. Now discovery practice can join the 21st century, too,” said Schwartz.

Interrogatories and requests are written questionnaires by which litigants exchange information and documents. Traditional paper discovery has to be printed, put into envelopes, stamped, mailed, then responses and verification created, printed, put into envelopes, stamped, and mailed again. EasyRogs replaces that slow, laborious process with easy, instantaneous paperless exchanges. It also eliminates the chance that attorneys, paralegals, or clients will be exposed to COVID-19 from paper, envelope, printer, or stamp.

For example, when a client denies a Request for Admission, they must provide the bases for it. EasyRogs prompts the client for their bases, then places them in the client’s response to Form Interrogatories, not their response to the Requests for Admission, as required by California law. When the client returns their responses to their attorney, EasyRogs automatically pops up a completed verification that the client signs and instantly delivers with just a mouse click.

According to attorney Ann A. Hull, “It’s so easy for clients to respond that they have fewer questions while providing more complete and compliant responses. And EasyRogs’ knowledge of the Code [of Civil Procedure] prevents errors.”

Client William H. commented, “Using EasyRogs [to respond to form interrogatories] is faster and easier than hunting through pages of text looking for tiny checkmarks. And I especially like being able to sign and return the verification with a simple mouse click. So easy.”

Paralegal Karen Bonito added, “I love no longer having to wait for clients to return their hand-signed verifications; now it’s automatically delivered along with the client’s responses. EasyRogs lives up to its name.”

“Responding to discovery can be very intimidating to clients,” said Schwartz. “Our intelligent software shows only the rogs and requests the client needs to respond to, then walks them through the process so they can provide more complete responses. EasyRogs automatically includes statutory-required language, such as that used in response to Requests for Production of Documents, and properly formats a servable response. EasyRogs makes discovery easier for clients, less expensive for lawyers, and helps keep law firms and their clients safe from the coronavirus.”

Signing up for EasyRogs and using its patent-pending features is complimentary, as are a user’s first three services, i.e. propounding or responding to a set of Form Interrogatories or  Requests for Admission, etc. After that, there’s a $10 service charge per service.

To see how it works, please view the short video at EasyRogs.com/demo.mp4. To sign up or learn more, visit www.easyrogs.com.

About EasyRogs™

EasyRogs was developed by attorney Jeff  Schwartz, who previously spend two decades developing award-winning software for the computer industry. Schwartz is a graduate of the Chapman University School of Law and licensed to practice in California and Nevada. He can be reached at jeff@JeffSchwartzLaw.com or (888) 7300-LAW.


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