Louisiana Hospital with Highest Number of Coronavirus Patients Recognized for Taking Successful Precautions to Protect Staff and Patients

HealthySole Donates Two UVC Shoe Sanitizers to Support Overall Care

SHREVEPORT, La., July 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- As healthcare systems across the nation combat human coronavirus, a Louisiana hospital is earning recognition for how they are responding to the crisis—and how that has benefited its staff and high-risk patients.

Intensive Specialty Hospital (ISH)—a community-focused, long-term acute care hospital serving Northwest Louisiana—started preparing in January for what would become a global pandemic.

The hospital’s efforts have paid off.  To date, ISH is treating the highest number of coronavirus patients in the state, and months after admitting its first patient with Covid-19, there have not been any instances of the virus spreading among hospital staff or patients.

“Our philosophy is to go the extra mile to instill confidence in our staff, patients and community,” said Christy Heard, ISH Chief Operating Officer. “Our number one priority is always safety of the patients and employees, and we’re proud to see that what we’re doing is working.”

In addition to looking for new ways to expand their capability and capacity, the hospital undertook specific actions to procure needed supplies to safely care for the expected surge of Covid-19 patients. Those steps included preventative measures such as purchasing and installing multiple state-of-the-art HealthySole® PLUS Shoe Sole Sanitizers.

HealthySole® PLUS Donation

To recognize ISH’s achievement and the hard work of its staff, HealthySole—a company whose ultraviolet light technology is proven to neutralize the human coronavirus and other infectious diseases on the soles of shoes—has donated two additional HealthySole® PLUS units to help the hospital continue to prevent the spread of the human coronavirus to its staff and other patients, as it continues to open new Covid-19 wards.

“We applaud the care that our customer Intensive Specialty Hospital has taken to prevent the spread of human coronavirus,” HealthySole CEO Nelson Patterson said. “To prevent infection, it is crucial to move beyond the traditional focus of hand washing and reliance on personal protective equipment (PPE) alone. We recognize that Intensive Specialty Hospital has gone above and beyond in their efforts by re-thinking the infection prevention protocols from the ground up and thank every one of their team members for their dedicated service to saving lives.”

About HealthySole

HealthySole provides the first published, third party clinically tested method to address shoes, a regularly ignored yet potent vector of germ transmission, including Covid-19, in hospital and other commercial settings, and even in homes.

How it works is simple.  When a person stands on a HealthySole device, a steady beam of powerful germicidal UVC light, bathes the soles of their shoes, deactivating germs in a matter of just 8 seconds. The device is then immediately ready for the next person.

Learn more at healthysoleplus.com and healthysolehome.com.

About Intensive Specialty Hospital

Intensive Specialty Hospital provides comprehensive, personalized acute care services for patients who need extended time to recover from medically complex conditions.

As Northwest Louisiana’s long-term acute care specialist, we offer highly complex treatments including ventilator management and weaning, advanced wound care, and rehabilitation therapies. With two locations, Shreveport Campus and Bossier City Campus, we are the largest provider of LTAC services in Northwest Louisiana.

For more information about Intensive Specialty Hospital please visit the website at intensivespecialty.com

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 HealthySole Plus Shoe Sanitizing unit at Intensive Specialty Hospital in Shreveport, Louisiana