Maru Expands Advanced Analytics Capabilities with Flexible Discrete Choice Questioning Tool on Proprietary Platform Maru/HUB

TORONTO, July 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Maru Group (‘Maru’), the global technology-enabled market research and customer insights company, have announced the launch of a flexible Discrete Choice survey tool developed directly as part of Maru/HUB, Maru’s global proprietary ecosystem.

Designed to capture behavioral insights at speed, Maru’s Discrete Choice tool works seamlessly with the Group’s integrated survey technology, including System 1 tools, empowering users to capture a holistic understanding of consumer response.

Ged Parton, CEO at Maru Group, explains, “Our research at Maru operates at the intersection of behavior and emotion. It’s why we’ve prioritized the development of both System 1 and System 2 tools as part of the expansion of our Maru/HUB technology ecosystem.”

“Our Discrete Choice tool combines an engaging user interface and advanced analytical output. Unlike other trade-off question designs, Maru’s Discrete Choice tool gives users the opportunity to create a choice-based exercise at speed, as well as uncovering enhanced insights predictive of behavior. By combining these results with attitudinal and emotional data, researchers are able to uncover a more holistic understanding of consumer response.”

Designed to work seamlessly across stimuli, from simple product messaging to complex pricing structures, the tool has been developed alongside Maru’s other advanced analytical capabilities, including Maximum Difference Scaling (MaxDiff) and in direct response to closing the consumer Say-Do gap.

Todd Trautz, Chief Innovation and Solutions Officer at Maru/Matchbox, comments, “The Say-Do gap has distorted research for years. Consumers don’t intentionally mean to mislead us but by using traditional approaches and likert scales, we’re forcing respondents to post-rationalize their decisions. This doesn’t reflect the way, as humans, we make decisions - and is why we’re developing advanced analytical approaches and trade-off research designs as part of our platform so, as researchers, we can better replicate the human decision-making process and capture a more holistic, accurate understanding of consumer response. Engaging with respondents in the same way they make decisions is the only way to close the Say-Do gap.”

Available on Maru/HUB, Maru’s Discrete Choice tool benefits from the platform’s market-leading range of capabilities and technologies and can be directly applied to any research project. The tool is the latest in a range of new technologies from Maru in recent months, including the launch of the Group’s AI-powered Topic Modelling tool.

Parton continues, “Maru was conceived with technology at its heart. It’s why we place such importance on expanding our capabilities and developing new technologies that enable users to generate better insights at speed. We have momentum in our development, including the enhancement of our machine-learning capabilities, and we’re excited to share this latest stage in our platform expansion.”

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Liana Vickery

Note to Editors:

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