Cannabis Banking: Swissx Launches California Bank and Farming Program

Expanding on its hemp exchange, cryptocurrency and cooperative farming program, Swissx is offering microloans for land and equipment in the Golden State

Malibu, CA, July 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Swissx has launched the Swissx Bank of California, an extension of its Swiss-based Bank of Cannabis, it was announced today. The bank will work in tandem with Swissx’s cooperative farming program, which is based on centuries old agricultural traditions in Switzerland, and on recent experience developing cooperative hemp farms with the Rastafarian community in Antigua. Microloans will help participating farmers with supplies and structures, and even in some cases with land leases and purchases. The Swissx farming program already has 200 acres planted in California, along with thousands in Switzerland, Puerto Rico and Antigua.

“We are leading a sustainable, healthy, revolution right now in California,” said Swissx founder and CEO Alki David. “Our Bank of Cannabis is now helping farmers get in at ground level on the business of the future, across the Caribbean and now in California. As our slogan goes, it’s ‘For the Higher Good.’ And we want to bring our farming brothers and sisters with us.”

Swissx is known for its CBD product line, the first to go mainstream in the U.S (available online at The company’s genetics division is advancing research into hemp and cannabis, and Swissx is breaking ground on a joint project with the University of Antigua for further research. A nearby clinic and resort will offer plant-based and other bio-medicine therapies.

Swissx is now meeting farmers on their own turf by operating at the SoCal region’s best farmers markets, including the famous Malibu Farmers Market. At the markets, Swissx seed and CBD products will be sold and representatives can create bespoke loan plans for farmers on the spot. The Swissx team can also help farmers navigate regional tax incentives and specialized USDA loans.

Known for its incredibly pure quality, developed at its global headquarters in Gstaad, Switzerland, Swissx has become a favorite of people like Scott Disick, Snoop Dogg, Donatella Versace, Tommy Chong, Jonathan Rhys Myers, Chief Keef, Mike Tyson and other stars.

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Swissx has launched the California arm of its Bank of Cannabis, which is giving microloans to local farmers involved in its cooperative hemp farming program. Swissx is the leading CBD brand, available at

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