LifeLabs’ WorkClear program to support the National Hockey League’s Return to Play Plan

Toronto, ON, July 24, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- LifeLabs is pleased to share that it has been selected as the medical laboratory partner for the NHL’s Return to Play Plan as part of LifeLabs’ WorkClear program, an evidence-based approach to help companies bring employees safely back to work.

LifeLabs has worked with the NHL to design and deploy a COVID-19 testing model that best suits their needs and enables the league to return to play, while keeping all players and personnel safe. Testing combined with daily risk assessment questionnaires, temperature checks, physical distancing and wearing face masks can significantly reduce the risk of transmission.

To ensure the safety of the community, LifeLabs will also test the hospitality and transportation staff that will be supporting the NHL’s Return to Play Plan. LifeLabs’ WorkClear program for the NHL will ensure the integrity of the bubble and will support early detection of COVID-19 to allow for intervention from Public Health officials.

“As Canada’s largest medical diagnostics company, LifeLabs is uniquely positioned to support the NHL as they restart their season and get the players back on the ice safely, so that Canadians can enjoy the hockey season,” says Charles Brown, President & CEO of LifeLabs. “This partnership allows the NHL to focus on the game, while LifeLabs focuses on providing high quality, safe, and accurate testing for its teams and personnel staff.”

“LifeLabs is a leader in its field and we are delighted to work with the LifeLabs team during our Return to Play,” says Bill Daly, NHL Deputy Commissioner. “As we endeavor to keep the 12 Clubs gathering in Toronto safe as they begin their pursuit of the Stanley Cup, we are reassured by having LifeLabs’ expertise and excellence to assist us.”

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