Playwright and Former British Politician Pramila Le Hunte Condemns Oppression and Bigotry in Bold New Play ‘Passenger’

Le Hunte’s play follows two young people finding themselves after enduring religious and war-based trauma championing for the lives of the marginalized

PHOENIX, Aug. 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- It is 2020 and many believe racism and oppression should have been eradicated by now in our intelligent and innovative society, but they are still alive and well across the world. Playwright and former British politician Pramila Le Hunte is horrified that individuals are still unable to make progress with the disease in society. Her newest work, “Passenger: A Love Story,” deftly explores the challenges faced by marginalized people even in the high society of British India, where being different in race or sexual orientation is fodder for all.  

The play follows Wendy, who had lived in India as a child during the time British Raj rule and who struggles with her own identity as a result of the religious violence Hindus and Muslims she endured; and Charles, a newcomer to Calcutta from England who becomes her friend the audience will gather that he has come to immerse himself at the sanctuary of Vivekananda’s, scholar and philosopher, to take his message that all religions are one back to war-torn Europe.  

Throughout the play, the two of them embark on a journey to find themselves along with Baba, who becomes a mentor on her journey of self-discovery. The pair are guided into their future by a mysterious stranger, dressed in similar attire to Gandhi, who brings humor and high drama into their lives.

Through “Passenger,” Le Hunte expresses her immense frustration with racism and oppression, especially of those in the LGBTQ community, in today’s society. “The experiences of my mixed-race character Wendy, or even real-world figures such as Meghan Markle, are just examples of how prevalent racism still in a society that claims to be progressive,” she says. “I feel humanity can and must do better.”

“Passenger: A Love Story”
By Pramila Le Hunte
ISBN: 9781483498706 (softcover); 9781483488837 (electronic)
Available at Lulu Publishing, Amazon and Barnes & Noble  

About the author
Pramila Le Hunte is a passionate and experienced playwright who received her honors degree in English Literature from the University of Cambridge. Previously, she has had previous scripts performed in front of politicians and at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Growing up in Calcutta, India, her love of books led to her pursuit of quality education and eventual candidacy for the British Parliamentary office in 1983.


“Passenger: A Love Story”
By Pramila Le Hunte

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