QuantmRE Launches $1.07M Crowdfunding Investment Campaign On Republic to Make Home Equity Accessible, Investible and Tradeable

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Aug. 04, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Real estate fintech platform QuantmRE has launched an investment campaign on the Republic crowdfunding platform with a mission to provide homeowners with debt-free access to their home equity.

“Having previously raised more than $1.8 million from angel investors and venture funds, we chose Republic, a spin-out of AngelList, for our crowdfunding raise as it is the industry-leading online equity investing platform.  Republic offers QuantmRE a perfect way to raise investment capital from a diverse group of investors. Raising money from the crowd enables us to expand our network of motivated, enthusiastic customers and ambassadors and gives them the opportunity to own a piece of the company,” said Matthew Sullivan, CEO of QuantmRE.

Americans have more than $18 trillion in home equity. Traditionally, getting access to this equity has meant the homeowner has to take on more debt, such as a second mortgage, reverse mortgage or home equity line of credit. At a time when homeowners need to access cash more than ever, QuantmRE’s “Equity Freedom” program offers an alternative debt-free solution – the Home Equity Agreement. These agreements enable homeowners to receive a lump sum in exchange for a portion of the future value of the home without taking on any additional debt. For the homeowner, that means no loans, no interest, and no monthly payments.

In addition to originating Home Equity Agreements, QuantmRE is developing a unique, blockchain-based secondary marketplace where investors - including individuals, family offices and institutions - will be able to buy and sell fractionalized units of Home Equity Agreements (note: this exchange will be subject to regulatory approvals).

QuantmRE plans to use the funds raised from this campaign to increase the awareness of Home Equity Agreements, enabling more homeowners to access their trapped equity. In addition, QuantmRE plans to continue the development of its fractionalized Home Equity Agreement secondary marketplace.

More information about QuantmRE and how to participate as an investor can be found at https://republic.co/quantmre

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