Virtual Training Platform From Lionfish Cyber Security Helps Job Seekers Learn Skills For Career Advancement

Lionfish Cyber Security announces new virtual training platform for CompTIA courses.

INDIANAPOLIS, Aug. 06, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lionfish Cyber Security, formerly Secops Cyber Institute, has announced their new name and the release of their virtual training platform (VTP) that provides an engaging and interactive experience for those seeking cyber security education courses and certifications to advance their cyber careers.

“A name change was necessary and important in order to stay ahead of cyber security education and readiness trends,” said Chris Kubecka, renowned cyber security author and Special Advisor to Lionfish. She continued, “Rolling out the VTP first shows our continued commitment to individual training and advancement. It also plays a critical element in our Cyber Evolution & Empowerment Model™.”

As the only cyber security focused training organization in the state of Indiana to be granted accreditation by the Office for Career and Technical Schools, a division of the Department of Workforce Development, Lionfish Cyber Security provides both in-person and virtual training for individuals attempting to become CompTIA certified. In-person training will continue when restrictions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic are lifted. Virtual learning courses for those looking to obtain CompTIA certifications are available through the new Lionfish VTP.

The VTP provides an interactive, asynchronous learning experience delivering training through an innovative and immersive virtual platform. Students have the ability to take courses on-the-go and study from anywhere. They can track their progress, keep virtual notes and earn accomplishment certificates during their training.

The VTP is part of the Lionfish Cyber Evolution & Empowerment Model (CEEM). CEEM is designed specifically for organizations with limited IT resources and budgets by providing on-demand interactive learning, mentoring, managed cyber security services and incident response resources. CEEM incorporates the strategic force multiplier and the by-with-through operational approaches of the U.S. Special Forces to train individuals how to achieve a good cyber posture while they work virtually alongside cyber experts. The preparation and protection of the organization, increased knowledge of an employee’s cyber skill set and a greater sense of employee accountability and awareness are key benefits of the CEEM approach.

“There is a cyber war going on right now and we are in desperate need of skilled men and woman to defend and protect our businesses, employees and the nation,” said Jeremy Miller, CEO of Lionfish Cyber Security. He continued, “Our goal is to be a force multiplier for cyber education, protection and readiness that will empower individuals and companies to become more cyber resilient.”

Enrollment for the Lionfish CompTIA courses can be found at Examples of CompTIA courses currently being offered include A+, Cloud+, Security+ and Network+.

About Lionfish Cyber Security
Lionfish Cyber Security, a veteran-owned business, is the next evolution of cyber security by bringing together protection, education and readiness. Our Cyber Evolution & Empowerment Model™ is designed to help both individuals with their cyber training needs and to give businesses access to affordable and scalable cyber security technology. We also prepare government contractors and subcontractors for mandatory Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) audits. More information may be found at

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