Smartway2 announces partner program to bring innovation, creativity and agility to every workplace

Smartway2 makes its next-generation workplace scheduling solution available to channel partners, referral partners, systems integrators and technology partners in response to growing market demand for creating more flexible, optimized workspaces – accelerated by COVID-19

MARLBOROUGH, Mass., Aug. 13, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Smartway2, a next-generation technology company specializing in workplace scheduling solutions, today announced the launch of its new partner program.

Smartway2’s Workplace Transformation Partner Program is for companies, consultants or advisors who may already offer IT and AV solutions, and want to transform the way their clients interact with the spaces, desks and ’items’ in their workplace, to help boost productivity and collaboration. The Program is ideally suited to partners involved in smart office design, agile working, AV integration, or some other aspect of improving the way people work.

With its rapid expansion, Smartway2 has invested heavily in product development and innovation. Its growth reflects the accelerating demand it is seeing from private and public sector organizations that are adopting more agile, optimized ways of working. Smartway2’s partners help to deliver these capabilities through their expertize and high quality solutions, services and relationships.

To ensure a strong, long-term relationship and to help its partners maximize opportunities, Smartway2 equips them with the essential tools they need to successfully offer, promote and support Smartway2’s solutions. This includes a comprehensive Partner toolkit and regularly updated training and support, along with the reassurance of a dedicated partner manager committed to understanding the partner’s business and growth strategy. To further reward successful partners, Smartway2 offers the incentive of revenue share, too.

“We are expanding our partner network in order to continue our global growth trajectory,” said Smartway2’s CEO, John T. Anderson. “The strength of demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic has been unprecedented, as organizations strive to protect their people as they transition back to work.”

He added: “When we set out to build the world’s most flexible workplace scheduling solution, we had no idea it would be so well suited to managing this transition during a pandemic, but we’re grateful to be in such a strong a position to help organizations through this challenging time. By partnering with companies that share our values, together we can help fulfil this urgent global need to adopt a data-driven approach to optimizing the interactions between people, spaces and things.”

Founded in 2014, Smartway2 has expanded aggressively in the past two years, opening corporate headquarters in the U.S. and growing its footprint in APAC and Europe.

Having invested heavily in product development over the past 18 months, the company has quadrupled its client base, innovated new capabilities and won significant market share. Enterprises using Smartway2 include: one of the largest cancer centres in the world, a large global electronics distributor, a major gaming developer and organizations in the legal, government, technology, pharma, manufacturing and finance industries.

Smartway2’s partner program already includes organizations like Kinly, PTS Consulting, Hereworks, ASI Solutions, ITI Systems, Proxyclick, Drawbase Software and TOPMIND.

CEO of TOPMIND, Sandra Maura, said, “TOPMIND found Smartway2 to be an innovative and robust solution, allowing the expansion of our Latin America portfolio. The Smartway2 team has been closely involved from the outset of our partnership, providing exceptional support.”

Meanwhile ITI’s Adam Weiner emphasized the solution’s extreme flexibility as a key benefit to partners: “ITI has extensive experience in integrating complex technical solutions for demanding customers. Our experience has taught us that flexibility, stability and simplicity are of paramount importance when implementing software solutions for applications like conference room booking. Smartway2 provide the most capable, reliable and flexible product on the market. Their rules engine is unprecedented in its flexibility.”

Organizations striving to protect their people amidst COVID-19 are using Smartway2 to automate social distancing, contact tracing, sanitation procedures, self-certification and employee surveys. 

The Smartway2 platform is an advanced, feature-rich, enterprise solution that stands apart by delivering significant future-proofing, ROI and time-to-value benefits.

Smartway2’s rapidly expanding team is focusing heavily on advanced workspace analytics and data visualization to help companies understand precisely how meeting rooms, desks and other resources are being utilised. This enables them to not only reduce real estate costs and design an ideal employee experience, but also to accelerate the pace at which collaborative work gets done, boosting productivity.

More information on the Smartway2 partner program can be found at

Smartway2 is a privately held, global company with headquarters in Marlborough, Mass. The company provides next-generation workplace scheduling solutions, leveraging space utilization data to drive productivity and collaboration. With operations in the U.S., Europe and APAC, Smartway2 provides enterprise solutions worldwide, across industries including legal, government, technology, pharma, manufacturing and finance. For more information visit: 


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