Innovative New Book ‘Spiritual Mazes & Puzzles’ Leads Individuals on Gratifying Path to Understanding God’s Word and America’s History

Author Shelly Emerson published her spiritual new workbook to help individuals understand and incorporate God’s Word into their own lives by intertwining unique mazes with scriptures that reflect their messages.

TUCSON, Ariz., Aug. 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Enduring constant seizures from epilepsy all her life, author Shelly P. Emerson began to tap into her creative side. She found it therapeutic to draw and color following a seizure, and it was during these creative sessions that she realized just how vital the relationship between verbal and visual elements is in understanding complex messages—such as God’s Word. Thus, Shelly began designing unique mazes that incorporated both scripture and visual elements to help readers understand the Bible’s multifaceted messages as featured in her new book “Spiritual Mazes & Puzzles: This Book Can Help You Grow Stronger & Closer of God’s Word & America.”

Through this spiritual workbook, Emerson hopes readers and puzzle enthusiasts of all ages can have fun completing her puzzles and mazes while adopting a stronger relationship with Christianity as well as gain more profound insights into biblical stories, national holidays, and even the history of America.

Readers can find peace, hope, and healing through Emerson’s vast array of inventive mazes, puzzles, and word searches. Emerson has described her book as a medium in which readers can “learn what the benefits are of letting Jesus into their hearts.”

Through reading and completing this book, readers will encounter engaging puzzles such as Emerson’s puzzle entitled “Power in Prayer” on page 29. In this puzzle, Emerson uses the story of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt and across the Red Sea to the Promised Land with an enigma so that the reader can similarly engage in Moses’ journey of the challenges to salvation, embarking on the worlds of scripture along the way. To see the variety of puzzles and mazes and to learn more, please visit

“Spiritual Mazes & Puzzles”
By Shelly P. Emerson
ISBN: 978-1-5127-74153 (sc)
Available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and WestBow Press.

About the Author
Author Shelly Emerson, a devout Christian, was raised in a Christian environment and was always taught to stand firm in what she believes. Thus, when Emerson was diagnosed with Epilepsy at the age of five, she decided to look at this new challenge through a positive lens and utilize her strong Christian background to cope with her new obstacle. She would ask her parents, “Why me, why do I have to have seizures,” in which they responded that it could be the Lord using her in some way.  This message has followed her throughout her life. Through her seizures, she began to partake with a more creative side—using drawing and coloring as a therapeutic coping mechanism—and ultimately, the idea for a book of both visual and verbal messages to help engage God’s word sparked in her mind. Emerson lives in Tucson, AZ, and has attended classes from multiple colleges such as Pima Community College, American River College, Orange Coast College, and others.  After her mother passed away in 2003, Emerson took care of her father until his passing in 2008. She fervently believes that the Lord is always with her, and it is through God’s word and Christianity that all individuals can get through difficult times.  

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Cover of Shelly P. Emerson's new book

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