Author Saves Lives by Sharing Advice on Living with Lupus

“Lupus: It Chose Me: A Walk Through Autoimmune Disease” by LaTonya Bias PhD explores the many ways people with Lupus can live their lives to the fullest

FARMERS BRANCH, TX, Aug. 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- God had a plan for Dr. LaTonya Bias, but her faith was tested when she was diagnosed with Lupus years ago. Grief, depression, isolation, and fear of death took a toll on her once vibrant life. As the disease ate away at her body it wrapped its grip around her soul, and quickly her will to live deteriorated. Being told numerous times there was nothing doctors could do, she fought back. She learned as much as she could about Lupus, and tested theories on herself to figure out effective methods of dieting, hygiene, and mental wellness.

Bias now wishes to share what she has learned and what has kept her alive with others. Bias wrote “Lupus: It Chose Me: A Walk Through Autoimmune Disease” as an essential guide to navigating the many facets of life with Lupus, and to give those hope with an otherwise hopeless diagnosis.


“For years I prayed that someone would understand and help me but not one person did. Everyone thought I was lying about my condition and my pain. But now I am an open book so others with Lupus don’t have to endure the constant uncertainty that I did,” Dr. Bias said.


“I truly enjoyed reading Lupus: It Chose Me. I was inspired by her story and learned so much from her book. I recommend this to anyone in search of real answers and solutions to complex autoimmune situations,” a reviewer wrote about the book.


Readers will appreciate Dr. Bias’ honest and humorous approach to Lupus, and the way she has condensed and explained the research available to the public as well as her own experience with the disease. The focus of this book is to gain funding for her foundation, Love Life Lupus Foundation, and to bring awareness to those with autoimmune disease, friends, or family affected by someone with Lupus or anyone who wants a better understanding life with the disease.


“Lupus: It Chose Me: A Walk Through Autoimmune Disease”

By LaTonya Bias PhD

ISBN: 9781973685340 (softcover); 9781973685357 (hardcover); 9781973685333 (electronic)

Available at the Westbow Press Online Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the author

Dr. Bias is a God-fearing native of Chicago, author, philanthropist, and entrepreneur who found her life could not be put on hold when she first learned of her Lupus diagnosis. After years of getting a grip on best practices for those with Lupus, she founded the Love Life Lupus Foundation to gain funding that will further researcher’s knowledge of the disease and help find a cure.


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