United States Air Force Partners with Pluralsight to Power Digital U Technology Skills Development Program

SILICON SLOPES, Utah, Aug. 19, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pluralsight, Inc. (NASDAQ: PS), the enterprise technology skills platform, today announced that it is partnering with the United States Air Force to power its Digital U learning program. The Air Force’s Digital U program is designed to help Airmen across the service develop skills in core technology topics such as software development, artificial intelligence/machine learning, and cybersecurity. Airmen have access to more than 7,000 courses in a variety of technical areas.

“Tomorrow’s battlefield is increasingly dependent on technology, and the Air Force is focusing on investing in our digital Airmen to ensure that they have the ability to build the technical competence needed to complete our mission,” said Lt. Peyton Cleveland, United States Air Force.

With Pluralsight, Air Force Digital U participants have access to more than 7,000 technology courses taught by the top experts in fields such as machine learning and AI, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and software development. This partnership will give Airmen across the service - including those working within high profile Air Force technology labs and projects including BESPIN, AFWERX, Kessel Run, and Level Up - the ability to accelerate their skill development in the latest technologies.

As part of the program, Pluralsight is creating customized learning paths to help airmen accelerate their ability to develop new tech skills. Additionally, airmen will have access to Pluralsight’s Role IQ functionality, enabling them to measure proficiency and knowledge for relevant skills within their roles. Role IQ allows users to discover skills gaps and receive customized recommendations for learning opportunities to take their skills to the next level.

“We see Pluralsight as a valuable strategic partner in helping our Digital U program deliver skills development training for state-of-the-art technologies that support us in our mission,” said Lauren Knausenberger, Chief Transformation Officer, United States Air Force. “With Pluralsight, not only do our airmen have access to high quality and up to date technology content, they can also leverage Skill IQ assessments to track progress in their skill development and map out a faster path for learning.”

“With the rapid pace of technological innovation, there has never been a more critical time for organizations to focus on tech skills development. Pluralsight delivers classes from elite instructors on the latest technologies along with enhanced features such as hands-on learning and Skill IQ learning assessments to deliver the fastest path for technology skills development. We are proud to partner with the Air Force in their efforts to help Airmen develop the critical technology skills they need to accomplish their mission,” said Aaron Skonnard, CEO, Pluralsight.

Pluralsight’s Skills platform delivers on-demand access across multiple platforms for learning and skill development at any time and in any location. The ability to scale a widespread skill development program across multiple regions was especially valuable to the Air Force. 

“With Airmen constantly on the move around the globe, it’s critically important that we can train anyone from anywhere. With Pluralsight, our Airmen will have anytime access to best-in-class tech skills training, regardless of where they are stationed,” said, MSgt James “Guideaux” Crocker, BESPIN CTO, United States Air Force. “This model is designed to grow as the battlefield need grows and not constrained by position, rank or Air Force awarded skill level.”

For more information about Pluralsight and how the company is partnering with organizations around the world to develop technology skills in the workforce, visit www.pluralsight.com.

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