Vigeo Eiris: Santander Chile among the best companies in emerging markets

SANTIAGO, Chile, Aug. 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Once again Banco Santander Chile is among the 100 companies with the highest points in the Vigeo Eiris ranking for emerging markets. This result is a reflection of the work Banco Santander has done over the years to become a responsible company throughout its business development, always keeping in mind the environmental, social, and corporate governance (or ESG) factors in its strategy.

Miguel Mata, CEO of Santander Chile, affirmed that “we are proud to be - for the third consecutive year - among the companies in emerging markets with the highest standards of running the business in a responsible manner and in line with the challenges we face in the world, from combating climate change to the sustainable development of communities.”

Vigeo Eiris is an agency that evaluates companies that integrate the ESG criteria in their strategies, operations and administration, committed to the promotion of economic development, responsible investment and the creation of sustainable value. The 2020 version of this ranking in emerging markets considered a universe of 843 companies in 32 sectors across 31 countries.

In 2019, Santander signed the Principles of Responsible Banking, a framework of action to ensure that the industry develops its business respecting the environment and social context, becoming a form of response to the United Nations Sustainable Development Objectives. The efforts that Santander has done globally have positioned it as the most sustainable bank in the world according to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

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