Santander Chile launches new digital debit card

SANTIAGO, Chile, Aug. 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Banco Santander launched its new digital debit card, available to all of its clients with a debit card linked to their current account, Cuenta Life, simple debit account or electronic checkbook, as well as university accounts. This will enable to shop and pay through the internet or in mobiles apps, without the need to have a credit card.

The current sanitary contingency, along with the recommendation of social distancing and/or confinement, have generated a habit change in the way people do their transactions, creating an unprecedented increase in e-commerce. This, along with the increase of multiple mobile apps and digital platforms that require a safe electronic payment system that until this moment was not available for everyone, has led Banco Santander Chile to launch this innovation.

In this manner, the new digital debit card will allow all clients of Banco Santander to do transactions online and will be linked to the physical debit card.

“This is a great technological advancement that we give to all our clients, at a time when commerce through the internet has exploded in Chile, multiplying its size threefold since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. With this form of payment, and other innovations such as the Pulsera Chip (Chip wristband in english) or the 100% digital Cuenta Life, we are giving our clients solutions that make their lives easier and safer. Our teams have worked intensely in designing new solutions and we will soon announce more innovations”, said Matías Sánchez, Head of the Commercial Bank division at Banco Santander Chile.

The launch of this product is through the web portal or the Santander app. Once activated the client can immediately visualize their independent card number and the necessary information that is required to pay in online commerce in Chile or abroad.

Robert Moreno
Investor Relations
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