Vanly is making #vanlife more accessible by bridging the gap between life on road and the comfort

Santa Cruz, CA, Aug. 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A new startup aims to provide a platform connecting homeowners with extra parking spaces to the rapidly growing #vanlife community.

In recent years, #Vanlife has become a way for people to find novel freedom in their lives, both physically and financially. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the accessibility of necessary resources to those who live in a home on wheels has become severely limited. While many new companies are emerging due to the rapidly growing demand for retrofitted sleeper vans, there are still many challenges concerning day-to-day living on wheels. From finding safe places to park for the night to the comfort of wifi and running water, the reality of #vanlife is still far from the idealized portrayal found in social media today.

Vanly provides a service to bridge the gap between homeowners willing to share their resources for a fee and travelers trying to find the comfort of home on the road. 

The web app was officially launched for the public on August 1, 2020. Although Vanly is based in Santa Cruz, the website’s services are available to users across the country.

Vanly provides safe parking and amenities on the road while creating the opportunity for travelers to connect with the local communities around the nation.

“As remote work is becoming the norm, the demand for RVs, vans, and trailers has grown exponentially and with that the necessity for parking spaces and amenities. We designed this platform to make the picturesque #vanlife experience a reality,” said Giulio Colleluori, the co-founder of Vanly, in the bright pink Vanly van parked outside of a cabin in Lake Tahoe, California. 

Similarly to Airbnb and other sharing-economy platforms, Vanly allows for hosts to easily post listings of their driveways or parking spaces while also giving them the ability to accept or deny booking requests as they come, after reviewing travelers profiles. Listing driveway space on the app is completely free of cost. Additionally, hosts can also easily add extra amenities for travelers such as wifi, access to kitchen, laundry or bathroom, and set their own prices. This allows for a diversity of listings from resource minimalists traveling on a budget to the potential for luxurious stays with multiple amenities.

Vanlife community members signing up with Vanly can search for driveway listings based on their preferred cities and resource accessibility. When travelers find their ideal spot, they can send a request to the driveway host through the website. If the host approves of the request, they will be prompted to send the host the payment via PayPal. Once the host receives the payment and confirms the booking, the driveway address will be automatically shared with the traveler. The website provides a way for the homeowners to make an easy form of passive income while meeting new people from around the country.

In order to help individuals suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic, the founders of Vanly decided to waive any transaction fees for the foreseeable future. 

“This lifestyle has been rapidly growing for a few years as it allows people from all ages the flexibility to live and work wherever they like with a realistic budget. The pandemic has just acted as a catalyst for this already exploding trend, and what used to be the problems of just a few are now becoming issues for more and more people every day as we adapt to this new way of life,” said Giulio Colleluori.

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Vanly is making #vanlife more accessible by bridging the gap between life on road and the comfort...