Amfeltec Corporation Awarded Second (additional) Patent for ADVANCED PCI EXPRESS BOARD ASSEMBLY

MARKHAM, Ontario, Aug. 27, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Amfeltec Corporation announced today that the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) has presented Amfeltec with Patent #10,664,431, entitled “Advanced PCI Express Board Assembly.”

The patent includes 29 claims and four drawings. This is Amfeltec’s second patent concerning advanced PCI Express board assembly (the first is US Patent #9,996,495). Both patents’ methods are intended for efficiently placing large electronic components or SSD and wireless modules on a PCI Express carrier board, dramatically improving traditional methods.

The uniqueness of the patented assembly is based on the location of the carrier board: it is placed in the middle of the area reserved for the PCI Express slot, as defined by the specification for a one-slot-wide PCI Express board. Such placement allows for two-sided positioning of add-in modules (on the component and soldering sides of the board), thus allowing one to double the number of add-in modules without violating the actual PCI Express specification.

Shifting the carrier board relative to the center line of the motherboard PCIe slot allows the upstream connection (from carrier board to the motherboard) to be done via exchangeable male PCI Express adapters. This way, the carrier board can be inserted into a PCI Express connector of any size without encountering well-known limitations.

“Our popular Squid PCI Express Carrier Board™ family is based on this patented Advanced PCI Express Board Assembly”, says Michael Feldman, President and CTO at Amfeltec Corporation. “Only because of this architecture were we able to bring to the market the fastest half-height (2U) SSD PCI Express carrier board that holds up to four M.2 SSD modules, and the fastest full-size SSD PCI Express carrier board, with the maximum storage capacity possible today (up to 96 TB).” 

The Squid family presently consists of nine products in two groups:

            - PCIe Carrier Boards for MiniPCIe modules
            - PCIe Carrier Boards for M.2 PCIe SSD modules.

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