Captivating New Novel Concludes Romantic Saga Between Two Soulmates

In ‘Seven Stairways Part II’, accomplished author Kamlesh Chauhan (Gauri) finishes her impactful series that honors the beautiful customs and rituals found in Indian culture

CERRITOS, Calif., Aug. 31, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Based on the concepts of reincarnation and the karmic journey of the soul, author Kamlesh Chauhan (Gauri) delivers an unforgettable finale to her mystical romance series with the release of the novel, “Seven Stairways Part II”. Readers are reintroduced to Rajeshwari who is torn between her past birth love and love for her husband in her current birth. With her thoughts continuing to go to her deceased childhood sweetheart, Rochak, her decisions regarding love change the course of her life forever.


This story showcases the strong connections Rajeshwari has to her loved ones and culture as she journeys to find the one her heart truly longs for. Chauhan delivers an impactful story through cinematic descriptions of the interactions, ceremonies and scenery that make up Rajeshwari’s world. This book is a perfect read for anyone seeking a meaningful story with a central message on the importance of destiny.


“[Seven Stairways Part II] was a delightful read. It meticulously describes the fascinating Rajput culture and traditions, weaving in and out of the present and past effortlessly,” said a reviewer. “The narrative is imaginative, descriptive and captivating.”


Found within the story is also an honest look at social issues surrounding the Rajputs (descendants from a royal lineage), immigration and the caste system.


“Seven Stairways Part II” transports readers into a beautiful world that details the journey of a soul connecting with its match. In this conclusive story, a modern Indian woman navigates an ever-changing world filled with infidelity, passion, death, and tragedy to find the purest love.


“Seven Stairways Part II”

By Kamlesh Chauhan (Gauri)

ISBN: 9781543461350 (softcover); 9781543461343 (hardcover); 9781543461367 (electronic)

Available at the Xlibris Online Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble


About the author

Kamlesh Chauhan (Gauri) was born in India and finds inspiration for her written works from her culture. She received an associate degree in Paralegal Business Administration and a post graduate degree in Liberal Arts. A mother to two, she founded the non-profit organization, Jagriti (Awakening) which worked towards the empowerment of poor and disadvantaged women and youth. She has published multiple books in Hindi and English. Her other books include Across the Seven Seas, Deception of The Seven Sacred Vows and Seven Stairways Part I. She has been honored in India and the United States with the Elite Award Literature Award by South Asian Magazine, a literary award in India by the Punjab Sahitaye Academy in 2008, a Woman of the Year award in 1999, and many more. In addition, she has experience in stage acting, stage script writing, and executive producing in film and television. Gracing the cover of “Seven Stairways”, she is passionate about writing, poetry, and Indian and American culture. She is currently writing her next novel.


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