Grokker Introduces Spending Reset with Manisha Thakor

Latest Program from Video Wellbeing Solution Features Actionable Insights and Resources from Personal Finance Expert 

SAN JOSE, Calif., Sept. 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Grokker, the on-demand video wellbeing solution, today shared details of its newest program, “Spending Reset,” hosted by personal finance expert and certified financial planner, Manisha Thakor.

Thakor shared, “Financial wellness is an integral factor in overall wellbeing. At the same time, when it comes to money, everyone has a different understanding of what that means and looks like, which is why this program looks at aligning habits and values. Upon completing this program, Grokker users will learn not only how to manage their spending, but also how to find their true north, financially.”

In the series, Thakor helps Grokker users identify both their spending behaviors and values as well as determine the changes needed to reach their financial objectives. Taking a structured approach to goal setting, the “Spending Reset” program first helps participants identify the “type” of spender they are before introducing self-reflection techniques that illuminate why they spend that way. By focusing specifically on the drivers behind individuals’ daily spending, users are able to understand the connection between everyday habits and their financial health. Thakor then tackles effecting change by enabling users to envision what kind of spender they want to be going forward and providing easy-to-follow tools to reset. The program features actionable resources, including the Grokker “Spending Type” quiz and a detailed guidebook to facilitate success.

Drew Marich, Head of Operations for Grokker, commented, “Spending and finances are highly personal topics, making them especially difficult subjects for employers to address when looking to support their workforce. Grokker knows that and worked specifically with Manisha, one of our top-rated global experts, to create an approachable series for employees that tackles spending from a practical perspective. ‘Spending Reset’ is an essential program for anyone looking to get clarity on their spending and rethink their financial goals.”

Please visit the Spending Reset program page for details.

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