Genova Diagnostics Announces New Partnership with LifeLabs/Rocky Mountain Analytical in Canada

Toronto, ON, Sept. 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Genova Diagnostics has partnered with Rocky Mountain Analytical, a subsidiary of LifeLabs and leading provider of naturopathic and functional medicine, in a new distribution agreement. This partnership allows greater accessibility and cost effectiveness of Genova Diagnostics testing for Canadian clinicians and patients.

 “We are thrilled at what this partnership with Genova means for our clients. Genova’s comprehensive test menu has made them a leading authority on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of complex, chronic diseases,” says Lawrence Mahan, LifeLabs’ Senior Vice President, Commercial, General & Advanced Diagnostics. “We feel that Genova’s clinical expertise, combined with our national footprint, provides Canadians with easy access to the tools they need to proactively manage and take charge of their health in a meaningful way.”

Jeff Ellis, Chief Commercial Officer for Genova Diagnostics, further commented, “We are really excited for this opportunity to work with LifeLabs, a proven leader in the industry, to provide broader access and customer service excellence across Canada. This partnership allows Genova to better serve our current Canadian clinicians and their patients, as well as expand functional medicine testing.”

About LifeLabs

LifeLabs is Canada’s leading provider of laboratory diagnostic information and digital health connectivity systems, enabling patients and health care practitioners to diagnose, treat, monitor, and prevent disease. We support 20 million patient visits annually and conduct over 100 million laboratory tests through leading-edge technologies and our 5,700 talented and dedicated employees. We are a committed innovator in supporting Canadians to live healthier lives, operating Canada’s first commercial genetics lab and the country’s largest online patient portal, with more than 4.1 million Canadians receiving their results online. LifeLabs is 100% Canadian owned by OMERS Infrastructure, the infrastructure investment manager of one of Canada’s largest defined benefit pension plans. Rocky Mountain analytical is a division of LifeLabs LP focused on servicing the needs of the functional and integrative medicine community. Learn more at

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About Genova Diagnostics

Established in 1986, Genova Diagnostics is a leading company in applying a systems-based approach in clinical laboratory testing for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of complex chronic disease. The internationally renowned lab is committed to the highest standards while improving the lives and well-being of individuals by bringing insights to the complexity of health.

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