DPI Construction Management joins the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion

First in Commercial Construction to become an Employer Partner

TORONTO, Sept. 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DPI Construction Management (DPI) today announced joining the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion as an Employer Partner, which will help the company on its journey to make diversity and inclusion an ongoing matter of importance within the commercial construction industry.

“DPI joins our organization as the career landscape in Canada continues to shift and evolve,” said Michael Bach, Founder and CEO of the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI).  “While construction has long been considered a male-dominated industry and occupation, the gender make-up of the DPI team is an encouraging sign of greater gender diversity in the future. We sincerely anticipate the growth of this partnership and opportunities to expand the conversation about inclusion, diversity and equity within the wider sector.”

DPI has gone against the grain to build a company that hires the best people for the job regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation. The team’s diversity and inclusive culture has organically grown over 20 years in business.

“DPI recognizes that a more progressive approach to diversity and inclusion is needed in our industry to better reflect our customers and country,” said Kate Reeder, DPI’s Manager of Culture & Marketing. “Construction is an industry that has a long history of being led and dominated by men at every level within an organization. However, our inclusive culture sparks innovation, motivates employees, fosters team commitment and in turn, drives the entire company forward in our mission to always strive for better project outcomes.”

Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion
CCDI is a consulting firm and social equity-based organization established to help employers, diversity and inclusion/human rights/equity, and human resources practitioners effectively address the full picture of diversity, equity and inclusion within the workplace. Founded and run by experienced diversity and inclusion practitioners, CCDI’s focus is on practical sustainable solutions that help employers move toward true inclusion. Effectively managing diversity and inclusion, and human rights and equity is a strategic imperative for all Canadian organizations that wish to remain relevant and competitive. For more information, visit: https://ccdi.ca/

DPI Construction Management
Co-founders Rick Perin and Elvio Di Simone established DPI Construction Management in 1998. The firm was founded based on an unmet need in the marketplace - for a more personalized construction experience built on trust, competence and accountability. This still is what drives the company today, allowing it to prosper into a full-service, industry-leading firm of professionals servicing some of Canada’s largest companies. For more information, visit: https://dpiconstruction.com/

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