Free National Financial Resource Directory Connects People to the Resources They Need

Patient Advocate Foundation offers users free access to the most comprehensive directory available today, covering all 50 US states and territories

Hampton, VA, Sept. 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With families nationwide in search of more resources to support themselves through difficult times, the Patient Advocate Foundation relaunched the National Financial Resource Directory, the most comprehensive free directory of its kind for anyone seeking assistance.

With over 2300 resources encompassing all 50 states and US territories, the National Financial Resource Directory allows users to search for disparate needs in a central location, populating a list of customized resources, along with contact information. The directory will also filter results depending on the user’s insurance status, making sure that the user only sees results for which she will qualify.

There are almost 40 different categories of assistance listed in the directory, including:

  • Affordable options for care
  • Childcare resources
  • Clinical trial assistance
  • Dental care
  • Food and nutrition
  • Housing
  • Insurance premium assistance
  • Transportation
  • Vision care

“We’ve been compiling these resources for over 20 years to help the patients who call us in physical or financial distress,” said Alan Balch, CEO of the Patient Advocate Foundation. “When we realized how many more people needed our help who may not qualify for direct case management assistance, we decided to open up our resources to all those who may need them, and that’s how the National Financial Resource Directory came to be.”

The National Financial Resource Directory is free for all users. People can access the directory at and clicking “Explore Our Resources.”



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