Environics Analytics Launches WealthTransfer

New Financial Product Helps Businesses and Not-for-profits Recognize Timely Market Opportunities by Identifying Canadians Likely to Receive an Inheritance Within the Current Year

TORONTO, Sept. 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Environics Analytics (EA) today announced the launch of WealthTransfer, a new financial database that estimates the likelihood of Canadian households receiving an inheritance within a given year and quantifies the total potential inheritance amount. These data can assist financial institutions, real estate companies, retailers, auto dealerships and not-for-profits in identifying Canadians that are more likely to make big-ticket purchases, donate to charitable causes or plan for their financial future.

WealthTransfer is the latest addition to EA’s suite of financial products and provides a greater understanding of Canadian households’ financial position. Developed using inputs that include Statistics Canada’s 2017 Survey of Financial Security (SFS), WealthTransfer is modelled to the postal code level using key demographic and economic predictors derived from EA’s comprehensive data sources.

“An estimated $1 trillion is expected to be transferred between generations in the next five years, which is unprecedented in Canadian history,” says Catherine Pearson, EA’s Senior Vice President and Practice Leader for the financial sector. “By identifying and quantifying what is happening at the neighbourhood level, WealthTransfer can help business and not-for-profits alike seize upon this significant opportunity.”

WealthTransfer also includes score and index variables that allow users to easily create customer or postal code rankings and inform economic models. This product is available for all postal and census geographies and is available within EA’s analytics platform, ENVISION, to run dashboards, profiles, rankings and maps.

WealthTransfer helps answer questions such as:

  • What is the average inheritance potential within my trade area?
  • What customers, donors or neighbourhoods are most likely to receive an inheritance?
  • What segments have the highest inheritance incidence rates?
  • What is their average inheritance?
  • Which areas of the city have higher inheritance rates?

For additional information on WealthTransfer, please visit: https://environicsanalytics.com/en-ca/data/financial-databases/wealthtransfer

For more information on other products and services from Environics Analytics please visit www.environicsanalytics.com

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Contact: Catherine Pearson
SVP and Practice Leader - Finance